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Tandem Diabetes San Diego Headquarters

G|M Business Interiors furnished the interiors of Tandem Diabetes' new vibrant and energizing San Diego Headquarters.

10 Tandem HQ

We are thrilled to share a recently completed four-story office furniture project for Tandem Diabetes, a leading medical device company in San Diego that is revolutionizing diabetes management. G|M partnered with architecture and design company ID Studios and general contractor, Burger Construction, to create a more modern and vibrant workplace that seamlessly integrates collaboration, functionality, aesthetics, and comfort for Tandem. The project includes more than 400 workstations, 50 meeting spaces, and several small collaborative break-out areas. Notably, this project does not contain any private offices, but rather integrates Framery soundproof pods and small private phone rooms.

Merging Functionality and Inspiration

Tandem Diabetes sought an office space that reflects their innovative spirit while providing a conducive work atmosphere for their team. The challenge was to blend practical needs, inspire creativity, foster collaboration, and infuse the workplace with vibrant colors. G|M's team worked closely with ID Studios and Tandem to carefully curate a collection of office furniture that met Tandem Diabetes' needs while simultaneously aligning with their brand identity and goals. Each piece was thoughtfully chosen to maximize functionality, promote ergonomics, and create a visually appealing workspace inspired by the Earth's rhythmic hues. Tandem's marketing department also helped to design fun and bright wall murals that integrated the same colors, and utilized elements of their brand and slogans.

Color Palette: Igniting Inspiration and Dynamism

Tandem takes an innovative approach to diabetes management through the manufacturing of insulin pumps and an integrated treatment platform, and G|M and ID Studios wanted to help Tandem bring an innovative approach to their workplace. ID Studios took inspiration from the earth's natural circadian rhythms, utilizing a color palette inspired by the hues found in sunrise, midday skies, golden hours, and sunset. The circadian rhythm is harmonious with the biological rhythm of life that helps our bodies maintain a healthy, balanced daily routine, This color palette, along with a variety of work environments bring balance between energetic spaces and comfortable connected spaces.

The Workstations: Ergonomic Efficiency

Promoting a healthy lifestyle and wellness is a key part of the mission for Tandem Diabetes. Recognizing the importance of a healthy and dynamic workspace, our team paired ergonomics with the same vibrant color palette into the workstations. Ergonomic chairs and adjustable-height desks feature pops of vivid hues, infusing the environment with energy while promoting comfort and focus. The bold color choices create an invigorating atmosphere that sparks productivity and motivates Tandem Diabetes' many talented employees.

Collaboration Zones: Fostering Innovation

To foster creativity and collaboration, the collaborative spaces were designed to immerse teams in a world of energizing colors with warm oranges and bright, happy yellows. Heads-down spaces are balanced with cooler grays and calming blues. Multi-colored modular tables and seating arrangements become focal points that invite dynamic discussions, brainstorming sessions, and idea sharing. These zones burst with vitality and serve as catalysts for innovative thinking among Tandem Diabetes' professionals.

Breakout Areas: Energizing Retreats for Renewal

Understanding the importance of work-life balance, ID Studios and G|M carefully curated inviting breakout areas where employees can unwind, recharge, and foster personal connections. The furniture creates an environment that encourages relaxation and encourages informal conversations. The G|M Tandem Diabetes Project Team includes Account Executive, Darrin Heying, Designer, Kallie Morales, and Job Captain, Ashley Hadinger.

When asked what Heying's favorite part of this project was, he remarked, "What I enjoyed most was working with Tandem's incredible facilities team and ID Studios, and being a part of how everything came together. It was special to see the reactions of Tandem employees on the grand opening and hearing how excited they were to see the space. Many of the employees had been working from home since the pandemic began in 2020, so it was a huge shock to a lot of them."

Conclusion: A Symphony of Vibrancy Unleashed

The completion of the Tandem Diabetes Office Furniture Project realizes a shared vision of a workspace that radiates with color and ignites inspiration. Through thoughtful furniture selection and dynamic hues, G|M and ID Studios were able to not only fulfill Tandem’s practical needs but also unleash a symphony of positivity, and creativity.

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