Innovative, healthy and visually interesting!

Our design professionals are committed to providing the most innovative, healthy and visually interesting solutions possible. LEED and advanced furniture planning, graphic visualizations, and strategic design workshops are also supported by our lead design team members.

  • Meagan Boen

    Meagan Boen VP | Workplace Excellence LinkedIn

  • Jenny Durbin

    Jenny Durbin Director of Strategic Workplace Services LinkedIn

  • Christina Walton

    Christina Walton Director of WE Team Operations


  • Abby Carrillo

    Abby Carrillo iQ Studio Manager LinkedIn

  • Ana Morris

    Ana Morris Design Manager

  • Brandi Lukosz

    Brandi Lukosz Design Assistant Manager LinkedIn

  • Genesis Chavez

    Genesis Chavez Designer | Quality Control Manager LinkedIn

  • Frances Arce

    Frances Arce Designer

  • Yesenia Herrera

    Yesenia Herrera Designer LinkedIn

  • Alexandria Martinez

    Alexandria Martinez Designer

  • Marissa Vargas

    Marissa Vargas Designer

  • Natalie Gutierrez

    Natalie Gutierrez Designer LinkedIn

  • Victoria Coughenour

    Victoria Coughenour Designer LinkedIn

  • Genie Caballero

    Genie Caballero Designer

  • Ashley Vallin

    Ashley Vallin Designer LinkedIn


  • Shayla Prophet

    Shayla Prophet Design Manager LinkedIn

  • Jennifer Cassella

    Jennifer Cassella Design Assistant Manager LinkedIn

  • Marilyn Denny | NCIDQ, CCIDC, LEED AP

    Marilyn Denny | NCIDQ, CCIDC, LEED AP Designer | Quality Control Manager LinkedIn

  • Rianna Black

    Rianna Black Designer LinkedIn

  • Hannah Gee

    Hannah Gee Designer LinkedIn

  • Leona Lam

    Leona Lam Designer LinkedIn

  • Nicole Whitley

    Nicole Whitley Designer

  • Brad Hamby

    Brad Hamby Designer

  • Kallie Morales

    Kallie Morales Designer

  • Kansada Gildersleeve

    Kansada Gildersleeve Designer

  • Yesenia Figueroa

    Yesenia Figueroa Designer

  • Ericka Dias

    Ericka Dias Designer