Certified Woman & Minority-Owned

G|M Business Interiors is proud to be certified as a Woman and Minority-owned business.

G|M is an energetic team of professionals who create dynamic, holistic workplaces tailored around the unique needs of leading organizations that desire happiness, health, and higher performance. We believe every organization deserves a workplace that will enable prosperity and that well-designed furniture settings can be the most powerful work tool of all. G|M is a Certified MillerKnoll dealer.

Grow your profits, promote inclusiveness, and make a difference in your community by partnering with G|M Business Interiors, a Women-Owned and Minority-Owned Business. Doing business with a diversified supplier will:

  • Promote new business opportunities with new diversified customers.
  • Benefit from a procurement strategy that widens the pool of potential suppliers and promotes competition in the supply chain resulting in improved quality and reduce costs during uncertain times.
  • Mirror the fabric of the local communities that you serve.
  • Improve your brand’s association with high moral and ethical standing demanded in today’s socially-conscious business environment.
  • Provide forward-thinking companies with an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage in the changing multicultural business economy.

Diverse suppliers can make a positive impact in your business.

• Certified by the Woman's Business Enterprise Business Council (WBENC)

NAICS: 337214
UNSPSC: 56101700
Cert # WBE2001720
Exp: 07/31/2024


• Certified by the National Minority Supplier Development Council

UNSPSC: 56101700
Cert # AZ15186
Exp: 02/22/2025

MBE Certificate 2024 2025 NMSDC

• Supplier Clearinghouse - Certified by CPU

Verification # 20001033
Exp: 02/22/2025

MBE Supplier Clearinghouse Certification 02 22 2025
Supplier Clearinghouse WBE expires 07 31 2024

Get to Know Our CEO, Lauri Easley

Lauri Easley website 748x996

Lauri Easley

Lauri is proudly of Filipino descent and grew up in the aloha state of Hawaii. Lauri's business passion and focus is on making G|M customers happy. She studied at University of Hawaii, majoring in Travel Industry Management. Lauri has been involved with G|M since 1989, originally managing the purchasing and order entry department. As CEO, Lauri provides leadership for growth, fiscal responsibility and empowers and encourages the well-being, engagement and career trajectories of our talented G|M’er team members. Lauri’s life interests include charitable endeavors, reading, art, music and travel.

Gender Minority

• State of California Contractor Licensed

# 944352 C61-D34
Exp: 03/31/2024

C61 = Specialty Contractor, 65 specific disciplines including: Floor Covering, Window Coverings, Fencing, Awnings, Non-electrical Signage,
Paper Hanging, Doors, Gates and Activators, Prefab Equipment, Siding & Decking, Construction Clean-up.

D34 = Prefab Equipment: Modular Office Systems, Pre-wired Panels, Laboratory & Medical Equipment, Appliance Installation, Prefab Phone
Booths, Theater Seating, Classroom, Playground & Outdoor Site, Bleachers, Store Fixtures, Display Cases & Closet Systems

• GSA Contract Holder

G|M Office Package
06/08/2016 to

10/01/2019 to

Corporate Information

Federal ID # 95-2091271

California Corporate ID # C0394632

Resale # SR EH 98-036270

Dunn & Bradstreet # 00-960-8555

Furniture Retailer License # A32232

NAICS Code 337214

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