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Combining a research-based approach, deep design expertise, and collaborations with industry thought leaders, G|M develops solutions that enhance the learning experience.

At G|M, We Help Schools:

  1. Create adaptable, enduring environments that inspire a sense of inclusion & community.
  2. Attract and retain top students and leading faculty through a holistic & sustainable approach.
  3. Convey school brand image through furniture & finish selection.

For more than 30 years, G|M has worked with educational organizations across the US to develop interior spaces that inspire, evolve, and endure. We work closely with both lower and higher-educational leaders to use place as an asset that supports the institution's mission. The solutions we present consider today’s pedagogy and create learning spaces that accommodate change, innovation, and evolution. We understand the complexities of planning for inevitable change on campus and the critical need for multipurpose furnishings that can adapt over time.

New organizational structures and alternative learning styles are shaping the next generation of campus planning. G|M helps to create adaptable contemporary spaces to support this transformation. Through our research, thoughtful design, and experience, we support diverse workstyles, accommodate rapidly changing technologies, and promote community. Leveraging our constellation of sustainably designed products, we can help plan for the future of the campus.

Space Matters.

Space matters – it is a key factor in attracting and retaining students and faculty. At G|M, we offer numerous solutions appropriate across campus – whether for high visibility areas like libraries and residence halls or for hard-working areas like laboratories and active learning classrooms. While there is a spectrum of needs within these different spaces – from casual to formal, impromptu to planned, open to enclosed – research confirms the importance of distinct choices for each type of interactivity.

Our comprehensive portfolio of furnishings helps universities and colleges meet their strategic goals including creating effective learning spaces, growing enrollments, conveying the proper brand image, and fostering interdisciplinary collaboration. We offer a variety of simple and sustainable products that are GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified for healthy interior environments, are BIFMA level certified, and can contribute to LEED certification.

Learning Spaces

To create effective and efficient learning environments, you need adaptable, durable furniture that can flex to the task at hand. From lecture halls to active learning classrooms, our furnishings help create dynamic learning environments that enhance students' academic experience.

Community Spaces

A thriving university or college campus requires spaces that can attract and retain students, convey the proper brand image, foster community interaction, and cultivate alumni support. G|M offers a wide variety of furnishings that can not only help create beautiful common spaces but are also durable, adaptable, enduring, and sustainable. Our furniture is a flexible platform for ever-changing technology – we can support needs today and tomorrow.

Faculty Spaces

Universities and colleges demand a variety of enclosed and open plan solutions that support diverse individual work styles and provide multiple opportunities for collaborative work and group activities. Our high-performance products are designed to effectively support various work modes – individual, focused work; shared work centering on the exchange of ideas or teamwork that depends on the collective wisdom of the group.

Flexible Mixed Use Spaces

An emphasis on collaboration with others means that students need more room than a traditional classroom can sometimes provide. Both students and educators alike desire the autonomy to create the kind of environment that is right for them on a daily, and sometimes minute-by-minute, basis. This kind of flexibility includes choosing the type of seat or space that is right for the kind of work at hand, as well as the ability to quickly move between instruction modes, from direct instruction to small groups or individual study.

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