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Restoration & Refurbishment

Extend the life of your existing furniture.


G|M has completed many extensive re-upholstery projects for large theaters, government meeting halls, libraries and private industry clients. Re-upholstery services are available for all seating, fabric systems tiles/panels and tack boards. If you are unsure if re-upholstery is necessary, G|M can also perform a deep cleaning of these items.

Metal Refinishing

For electrostatic or powder coating metal painting needs, G|M uses trusted partners who have proven track records. Items can be painted on or off-site depending on job-site conditions and the client’s preference. For small touch-ups on metal items such as filing cabinets, painted metal chair frames/legs and systems components, G|M stocks a library of Herman Miller touch up paint.

Additional Services

Other refurbishment services available through our alliance partners are; wood refinishing, re-laminating work surfaces, window treatment cleaning and glass repair. For more common repair requests, G|M maintains fully stocked service vans with basic parts required and has four full time service technicians. If you have an emergency, we are equipped to perform quickly and thoroughly!

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