Our Team

G|M’s success is perpetuated by our talented team of professionals, who espouse passion for excellent furniture design, operational excellence and most importantly, delighted customers.

Our G|Mers elevate the workplace™. Customers trust us to have integrity, pride of craft, responsiveness and to offer the most professional services & capabilities. Each of our team members exudes passion for our craft, pride to be the best, and an inherent desire to perform for our clients.

Corporate Team

G|M's Corporate Team Members who provide strategic and operational leadership for the entire organization to elevate the workplace™.

Sales Team

Your main point of contact will orchestrate and monitor all activities and points of G|M support.

Job Captains

G|M Job Captains orchestrate an efficient and responsive customer service experience.

Design Team

Our Mission is to elevate the workplace™ into a strategic business tool that enables organizations to succeed in culturally-unique, inspiring, and efficient environments.

Client Services

Our team strives to be our absolute caring best; a continually improving, problem-solving, category of one company, who earns our right every single day, to be our client's most trusted and relied-upon business partner.

Moves, Adds & Changes

The G|M Move, Adds, and Changes (MAC) Team will elevate the management of your organization's churn efficiently, no matter where it happens.


Telling the G|M story through various forms of media.


DIV13 makes special construction simple for builders and contractors by offering game-changing material and design solutions that speed timelines, steady budgets, and get the job done right.