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Confidential Global Technology Client

G|M Business Interiors transforms a global technology client's Redlands campus with visionary design and vibrant workspaces, redefining the workplace experience for the global GIS leader.

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Discover the transformation brought about by G|M Business Interiors at a confidential global technology client's sprawling new campus located in Redlands, California. Centrally positioned within the campus, this building stands as an architectural marvel, captivating all who visit. A picturesque pond and fountain adorn the exterior, setting a welcoming tone for guests. Stepping inside, one is immediately drawn to the grandeur of the atrium, accentuated by a breathtaking suspended staircase.

In addition to its awe-inspiring design, the building boasts an impressive auditorium, facilitating essential corporate gatherings and community functions. The ethereal café, ensconced in an elegant glass enclosure, provides a tranquil haven for patrons. Every element, including the strategic arrangement of boulders, is a testament to the visionary landscape architect and the spirit of the company's founder.

G|M Business Interiors elevated the standard of workstations, introducing a blend of functional workspaces, private offices, ergonomic seating, and inviting lounge areas. Working closely with the client, G|M infused the workplace with invigorating bursts of color, fostering an environment that exudes vibrancy and creativity. This confidential client is a trailblazer in GIS software, location intelligence, and mapping, and has been spearheading the utilization of geographic science and geospatial analytics, and G|M was honored to have been a part of this exciting project.

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