Client Services

Our team strives to be our absolute caring best; a continually improving, problem solving, category of one company, who earns our right every single day, to be our client's most trusted and relied upon business partner.

We employ over 100 full time Installation technicians. Our Service Technicians, working out of service centers in Riverside and San Diego, are highly trained to resolve most chair repairs within 24 hours and any technician dispatched on a warranty call is highly focused on only that job. This helps make them the very best in our industry.

  • Justin Webb

    Justin Webb VP | Client Services LinkedIn

  • Matt Anderson

    Matt Anderson Services Quoting Manager


  • Tony Marzullo

    Tony Marzullo Project Manager

  • Stan Rivera

    Stan Rivera Project Manager LinkedIn

  • Martin Nguyen

    Martin Nguyen Project Manager

  • Jeannie Coston Avila

    Jeannie Coston Avila Operations Manager LinkedIn

  • James Martinez

    James Martinez Customer Service Manager

  • George Gonzales

    George Gonzales Punchlist Manager

  • Miguel Arellano

    Miguel Arellano Scheduling Coordinator

  • Eladio Sauceda

    Eladio Sauceda Chief Installation Manager - Level 11

  • Artie Cisneros

    Artie Cisneros Assistant Installation Manager - Level 11

  • Efren Leanos Sr.

    Efren Leanos Sr. Foreman - Level 10

  • Alfredo Cervantes

    Alfredo Cervantes Foreman - Level 10

  • Karlan Chamberlain

    Karlan Chamberlain Foreman - Level 10

  • Adolfo Flores

    Adolfo Flores Foreman - Level 10

  • Carlos Rangel

    Carlos Rangel Leadman - Level 9

  • Lavell Stonum

    Lavell Stonum Leadman - Level 9

  • Salvador Ruiz

    Salvador Ruiz Leadman - Level 9

  • Alex Mata

    Alex Mata Leadman - Level 9

  • Jose Magadan

    Jose Magadan Leadman - Level 9

  • Cecelio Sanchez

    Cecelio Sanchez Leadman - Level 9

  • Wendell Traylor

    Wendell Traylor Leadman - Level 9

  • Michael Platt

    Michael Platt Leadman - Level 9


  • Jeff Zimmerman

    Jeff Zimmerman Director of Client Services LinkedIn

  • Matthew Johnson

    Matthew Johnson Director of Project Management, San Diego LinkedIn

  • Randall Kaufman

    Randall Kaufman Chief Installation Manager

  • Stuart Turner

    Stuart Turner Project Manager

  • Shane Cresser

    Shane Cresser Project Manager

  • Bryan Kustic

    Bryan Kustic Customer Service Manager

  • Dylan Kaufman

    Dylan Kaufman Punch Manager

  • Alyssa Del Rosario

    Alyssa Del Rosario Scheduling Manager

  • Ricardo Martinez

    Ricardo Martinez Assistant Client Assets Manager

  • Bonny Aceves

    Bonny Aceves Assistant Installation Manager - Level 11

  • Diego Marin

    Diego Marin Service Technician

  • Raul Javier Bancalari

    Raul Javier Bancalari Foreman - Level 10

  • Josh Sanchez

    Josh Sanchez Foreman - Level 10

  • Mario Nunez

    Mario Nunez Foreman - Level 10

  • Mauro Castillo

    Mauro Castillo Leadman - Level 9

  • Jorge Villanueva

    Jorge Villanueva Leadman - Level 9

  • Julio Sanchez

    Julio Sanchez Leadman - Level 9

  • Collin Bent

    Collin Bent Leadman - Level 9

  • Abel Perez

    Abel Perez Leadman - Level 9

  • Alan Armenta

    Alan Armenta Leadman - Level 9

  • Jonathan Herrera

    Jonathan Herrera Leadman - Level 9

  • Jose Luiz Zavala

    Jose Luiz Zavala Leadman - Level 9