Private Enterprise

Tandem Diabetes Marindustry

G|M Business Interiors and Varrone Studios team up to maximize seating capacity for Tandem Diabetes's Marindustry Place office space.


G|M Business Interiors partnered with A&D firm Varrone Studios on Tandem Diabetes Care’s Marindustry office in San Diego, CA. The objective of the project was to maximize seating capacity while maintaining Tandem's standard workstation size. With having the opportunity to deviate from Tandem’s standard finishes, G|M’s WE Team and Varrone Studios were able to create a new palette specifically for the location.

By using Tandem's standard size workstations, G|M Business Interiors was able to not only reach the required seat count and add space for a storage/work table, but GM is now researching potential options for 1 or 2 collaboration areas in the office.

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