Asset Management

You have a significant investment in your assets and inventory. So when your product is stored, it needs protection and management. We can help you with receiving and inspection services—and all your storage needs.

G|M’s proprietary asset management program, eAssets, is described as “your personal inventory management and eProcurement system”. This program was designed to provide vital, detailed asset information required by today’s cost-conscious clients. This information helps you make better, more proactive decisions regarding the status and usage of office furniture assets.

Our proprietary bar-coded asset management system was designed to collect, maintain and report current, accurate data. The use of bar-code technology also greatly increases the speed and accuracy of inventory data collection and provides on-demand asset reporting to answer specific asset-related questions.

In addition to detailed asset management, eAssets also boasts the eProcurement function, which allows our clients to either purchase from a catalog of standard items or to create budgets for future project planning.

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