Moves & Reconfigurations

Businesses are always on the move, from large site-to-site relocations to everyday internal moves of people and furniture. Our Moves, Adds + Changes (MAC) Team is here to help you elevate the management of this churn efficiently, no matter where it happens.


Our 70 years of experience in the intricacies of proper disassembly, wrapping, blanketing, and transportation of furniture, allows us to perform moves, adds, and changes with the highest skill and confidence. Due to the care and concern taken while handling your move, these services ensure your investment will still be worth 100% of its value after completion.

In order to provide additional value, G|M also has a team in place to take inventory of existing products to provide fast and reliable ReConfiguration and Re-Use services when purchasing new product is not desired or feasible.

  • G|M is vertically integrated and professionally controls all project phases.
  • G|M saves time and money by employing our own experienced team members who are trained to elevate all areas of our industry.
  • G|M’s proprietary technology helps us manage your assets, manage your projects, allow you to communicate and buy online and our data analytics provide key performance data indicators.
  • G|M’s execution skills are unmatched. We are responsive, we never say no, we tailor a team for each client, all G|M’ers are G|M trained and care about your happiness!
  • G|M holds a GSA Contract #GS-28F-0022X


G|M’s proprietary asset management program, eAssets, is described as “your personal inventory management and eProcurement system”. This program was designed to provide vital, detailed asset information required by today’s cost-conscious clients. This information helps you make better, more proactive decisions regarding the status and usage of office furniture assets.

Our proprietary bar-coded asset management system was designed to collect, maintain and report current, accurate data. The use of bar code technology also greatly increases the speed and accuracy of inventory data collection and provides on-demand asset reporting to answer specific asset-related questions.

In addition to detailed asset management, eAssets also boasts the eProcurement function, which allows our clients to either purchase from a catalog of standard items or to create budgets for future project planning.


G|M’s proprietary software integrates with your facility-based software to ensure efficiency and 100% current and accurate drawings at all times.

Our custom software also enables our team to provide personalized Move Statistics for executive-level budgetary and data reporting.


We are centrally located in San Diego, Orange County and Riverside to better serve every border on the compass in Southern California.

In addition, G|M belongs to the Herman Miller Certified Dealer Network, a network of certified Herman Miller dealers, located in over 100 cities worldwide, who are committed to consistency, quality, and efficiency. We work together to ensure across-the-board expertise, accountability, and accuracy.

Inter-market coordination services are available throughout the Herman Miller Certified Dealer Network for your Moves, Add+ Changes (MAC) needs. We will save you valuable time by managing projects outside your headquarters area and working with out-of-market vendors while reporting directly to you here locally.



  • A MAC Project Manager will be assigned to understand your business needs and provide the continuity to be an ingrained member of your team.
  • MAC and Client Services Staff are available 24/7 to be dispatched to your location for emergency or non-emergency tasks.
  • G|M offers FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) trained MAC Members for our Energy partners.
  • Our MAC Services Team is qualified to reconfigure ALL types of furniture and manufacturers' product.


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GSA Contract Holder #GS-28F-0022X
“I just wanted to thank you all for your wonderful efforts in organizing and implementing this weekend’s furniture (and I.T. equipment) installation extravaganza! The new furniture is beautiful, the OCC team could not be more pleased with our new workstations and we are just truly delighted by everyone’s hard work, generous collaboration, and beautiful results! Thanks again for a job well done – we truly appreciate every one of you!”
United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Office of the Chief Counsel

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