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GM Business Interiors Office Furniture and Office Pods Riverside. Planning an ergonomic workstation layout is often a challenge for business owners. G|M takes these challenges and transforms them into opportunities for…

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Planning an ergonomic workstation layout is often a challenge for business owners. G|M takes these challenges and transforms them into opportunities for improving collaboration, boosting efficiency, and minimizing health risks for our corporate clients.

Our modular office furniture specialists have the depth of product knowledge required to assist you in selecting the perfect furniture for your office. From modular walls that can quickly adapt to your space needs to desks and storage to finish options, our experts will guide you through every step of furnishing your office space.

Our vast selection of office workstations empower teams with ergonomic office furniture solutions that boost productivity, foster employee satisfaction, and enhance collaborative efforts across entire organizations. We are always striving to stay up-to-date with the latest technological advancements in modular office designs.

Beyond ergonomic workspace desks, we also source private modular office pods and other solutions for quiet and comfortable workspaces that encourage teams to do their best work every day. Forget bland gray office environments that bore, we provide a stunning array of colors to elevate your workplace aesthetic, captivating every customer that passes through your doors.

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Choose G|M For Modular Workstation Selection

Meet your business growth needs with G|M, a leader in modular office workstations. Our workstation designs empower companies with the freedom to change and adapt, enhancing functionality while facilitating creativity.

With an almost endless selection of modular office furniture, it can be tough to track down the perfect product for your particular needs. Search no more, because G|M’s office interior specialists are here to help you refine your options and ensure your investment pays dividends for years to come. Let's cover the different types of modular office furniture and how they compare.

Cluster Workstations

Cluster workstations are perfect for improving accessibility between managers and their teams in a single room. These modular workspaces can help team leaders maintain a clear vision of their entire department, helping them efficiently collaborate to achieve more in less time.

Cluster workspaces are gaining popularity across various industries such as IT, banking, and hospitality, where large teams benefit from greater visibility and contact. Cluster workstations can be specified for your precise needs with a wide range of configurations.

Linear Workstations

The linear workstation, sometimes referred to as a straight workstation, is an excellent solution for flexible, multi-use shared office areas. This workstation design is great for accommodating team members of different levels or positions without compromising their comfort.

Aside from simply partitioning team members, linear workstations also feature optional whiteboard partitions or add-ons such as tackboards, whiteboards, magnetic boards, glass boards and more. . Both desktop and modesty panels are easily moveable, enabling quick transitions from one layout to another.

U-Shaped Workstations

When working in creative environments, the ability to focus is critical for success. Our U-shaped office workstations provide the ideal blend of features and aesthetics to help foster focus. U-shaped workspaces are purpose-built to help facilitate the management of tasks, increase communication, and create a highly efficient and collaborative workspace.

U-shape workstations empower employees to quickly and easily switch their position and desk arrangement to better match the nature of the task. Whether workers need more face-to-face interaction or to focus on their computers, they can quickly switch between collaboration to focus modes.

Modular Private Workstations

When workers need privacy in an open office layout, office pods offer superior silent escapes that save space. G|M can help you choose the perfect office pod workstation for your team. Whether you need an office pod that comfortably accommodates six people or one, we can deliver a solution that your staff will love.

Designer Workstations

Designer Office Workstations combine the latest technology with aesthetically pleasing designs, with many offering adjustability for ergonomic comfort. Featuring large surface areas, workers will have ample space for office equipment like computers, printers, paperwork, binders, and more. Designer workstations can be customized to match any décor and compliment the office furniture in the rest of the space while encouraging a productive work environment.

Herman Miller Prospect Semicircular Freestanding Workspaces

Prospect by Herman Miller provides a private enclave to encourage both group and individual creativity. Composed of a series of semicircular freestanding furniture, Prospect offers an oasis for creativity that features whiteboards, tackable surfaces, and media display capabilities. When you need an ideal setting for brainstorming, pinning, and visual thinking, Prospect helps small teams and individuals easily transition between working together and on their own.

Open Office Workstations

Custom Workstation Solutions For Your Company

Designed with your business in mind, our selection of office workstations are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and sizes. When you're seeking expertly crafted office furniture and custom workspaces that focus on sustainability and ergonomics, look no further than G|M Business Interiors!

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Irvine Office Workstations

Configuring an ergonomic workstation to maximize space can be a time-consuming process for business owners. Thankfully, G|M transforms your Irvine office workstation design woes into opportunities for increasing collaborative energy and efficiency while minimizing health risks for workers.


Riverside Office Workstations

Finding an ergonomic workstation for better use of your office space can be a time-consuming process. Thankfully, G|M can turn your Riverside office workstation woes into opportunities for better collaborative energy and efficiency with fewer health risks to workers.


San Diego Office Workstations

Planning an ergonomic workstation layout can be a time-consuming process for business owners. G|M transforms San Diego office workstation design challenges into opportunities for increasing collaborative energy and efficiency while minimizing health risks for team members.


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