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Business Interiors

G|M Business Interiors is your premier source for upscale business interiors in South California. Our reputation is rooted in delivering exceptional interiors through finely-crafted products and tailored services that transcend the status quo. Our longstanding relationships with modern brands like Herman Miller and Knoll translates into a breadth of product knowledge that results in elevated workplace environments and cultures.

G|M Business Interiors provides a host of streamlined processes to transform your workplace environment into an icon of innovation and productivity. Get started by browsing through our website, or come experience our design expertise in person at one of our Southern California business interior showrooms in San Diego, Riverside, and Irvine, CA.

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Innovative Workplace Interiors

G|M delivers interior designs for companies that enable them to leverage innovative new ways to maximize space while boosting efficiency across the organization. G|M believes that successful interior spaces strike a balance between the business goals and personal tastes of our clients.

Balancing these demands results in aesthetically pleasing, environmentally responsible, and efficiently organized workspaces. We believe efficiency starts with inviting environments that will promote the perfect state of mind for your entire workforce.

Visit our San Diego showroom today and experience what it’s like to be enveloped in a business interior that inspires.

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Inspiring Interiors For Companies Of All Sizes

G|M Business Interiors specializes in creating customized work environments that will bring out the passion in your people. Our highly tailored approach to crafting elite business interiors is gleaned from our extensive knowledge of design principles, space utilization, and refined interior finishes that will meet both aesthetic and functional demands for our clients regardless of company size.

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How Can Our Business Interior Experts Serve You?

At G|M, we take pride in the job of offering the latest in business interior innovations that make the most of your team’s time and available space. We offer a full array of interior solutions that go beyond tables and chairs, including doors, walls, flooring, and even customized ceilings. How can we elevate the workplace™ for you? Contact us today about your custom office layout!

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Efficient Division Of Your Organization’s Space

Sure, we sell tables and chairs for offices, including iconic products like the Herman Miller Aeron chair. From planning to installation, GM business interiors ensures our clients are delivered the ideal products for their goals. What other products are making a positive impact for our customers?

Ethospace System by Herman Miller

The Ethospace steel frame and tile system by Herman Miller provides clean routing for power and data, as well as supports hanging storage and work surfaces. All this adds up to greater flexibility and durability that meet the shifting demands of work. With Ethospace, you have dozens of tile options that let you define—and redefine—how your workplace looks and performs.

Office Pods

The Framery 2Q Office Pod provides a versatile standalone private workspace that can host everything from private brainstorms to full meetings of up to six people all while being compact enough to neatly fit into open offices.

Breathe™ Walls

Sustainable, modular, and flexible, DIRTT brings Living Walls to the workplace. Their Breathe™ system incorporates living plants into modern workspace interiors that add unique beauty along with cleaning the air and boosting oxygen levels.

Leaf Folding Walls

Leaf is DIRTT’s sustainable answer to folding walls. This innovative wall system can transform new and existing DIRTT interior walls into foldable, collapsible structures. Like all DIRTT walls, Leaf integrates power, sound, and display directly into the folding wall for the ultimate in office interior flexibility.


When it comes to flooring, we've got your office covered. Our extensive selection of flexible office carpets, laminated wood floors, technologically-advanced vinyl, and resilient tile lines are sure to strike the perfect balance between design and budget. We don’t have flooring experts.

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Services for Managing Company Interiors

Delivery and Installation

We manage delivery and installation every step of the way because we understand how critical proper delivery and installation are to your schedules, people, and work activities.

Moves, Adds + Changes

Businesses are always on the move, from large site-to-site relocations to everyday internal moves of people and furniture. We will help you manage this churn efficiently, no matter where it happens.

Strategic Workplace Services

Our Mission is to elevate the workplace™ into a strategic business tool that enables organizations to succeed in culturally-unique, inspiring, and efficient environments.

Visualization Services

Our Designers leverage the latest technology in the industry to create visuals to assist our clients in furniture selection and order accuracy.

Space Planning and Design

Planning and designing your workspace is a team effort that takes creativity, attention to detail, and a thorough knowledge of your interior layout and work activities.

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Transform Your Office's Interior With G|M

G|M doesn't just sell office tables and chairs—we provide design and project management—all under one roof. We are focused on delivering value through effective interior planning and efficient layouts. Our design staff provides comprehensive space planning, concept modeling, and interior decor curation, while our project management team controls the delivery of projects through to completion and within budget. Just read our customers' reviews, and you'll see why you should contact us today. When viewing our work in your browser isn't enough, stop by our showrooms in Riverside, Irvine, or San Diego to see them in person for yourself. GM business interiors can transform any client's workplace into a modern and ergonomic environment with a stunning interior design. Contact G M Business Interiors, your local servicer for upscale office brands like Herman Miller, Knoll, DIRTT, and more.

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Irvine Business Interiors

G|M Business Interiors is your premier source for finely-crafted business interiors in Irvine, California. We surpass the status quo by providing upscale products and custom-tailored services to match your office environment with your unique company culture. Our established relationships with premium brands like Herman Miller and Knoll translate into a breadth of product offerings that deliver an elevated workplace every time.


Riverside Business Interiors

G|M Business Interiors is Riverside’s premier source for finely-crafted business interiors. We go beyond cookie-cutter designs, providing premium office furniture and custom-tailored services to help you strengthen your company culture through your business interior. Our longtime relationships with upscale brands like Herman Miller and Knoll enable us to design and deliver an elevated workplace for every client.


Business Interiors San Diego

G|M Business Interiors is your premier source for upscale business interiors in San Diego, California. We surpass the status quo by providing finely-crafted products and custom-tailored services that will make your office environment unique to you. Our longstanding relationships with modern brands like Herman Miller and Knoll translates into a breadth of product knowledge that results in elevated workplace environments and cultures.


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