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GM Business Interiors Office Furniture San Diego Knoll Barcelona Chair. The Barcelona lounge chair incorporates modernism with a rich history and Spanish influences in your office space. Find a certified Knoll dealer near you today!

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Knoll Barcelona Chair

The Barcelona Chair by Knoll is an icon of the modern furniture movement. With a focus on elegant simplicity, this chair is the embodiment of designer Mies van der Rohe's maxim of "less is more."

Mies created the chair as part of his work designing the German Pavilion in 1929 for the International Exposition. This exposition was held in Barcelona, where Mies incorporated chairs and stools that were conceived to be used by the King and Queen of Spain.

Today, the chair is known around the world for its signature crisscross frame, which Knoll hand-polishes for each of its customers.

When you want to add modernism to your office space that has a rich history and Spanish influences, look no further than the Barcelona lounge chair. Van der Rohe, the chair's designer, is credited by Florence Knoll as her most influential instructor at the Illinois Institute of Technology. Rooted in architecture, the Barcelona line of furniture by Knoll also features two styles of stools, a couch, and a coffee table.

An Icon of Modern Design and Quality Craftsmanship

Each Barcelona Chair from Knoll exudes modern design and impeccable craftsmanship. World-renowned as a timeless piece of furniture, the Barcelona Chair has been the object of admiration in office spaces and luxury homes for nearly 75 years.

Mies van der Rohe granted Knoll the exclusive production rights for the original design of this iconic chair in 1953. Today, Knoll is still hand-crafting these chairs to the precise specifications of every customer. The experience that results from this level of attention to detail is simply unparalleled.

The Barcelona Chair is a paragon of lounge seating with its simple yet sophisticated appearance. Originally designed for royalty to sit in and relax, the multiple models in the Barcelona lineup from Knoll are ideal for professionals with discerning tastes.

Of course, great design demands superior function as well. With thick foam cushions and supple leather upholstery, the Barcelona Chair is amazingly comfortable to sit in. And whether you need a seat, stool, or table for your lounge or reception area, there's something in the Barcelona collection for your office.

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe: Inspiring Designers and Architects for Decades

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe worked as an architect and instructor at the Illinois Institute of Technology, where he taught Florence Knoll many of the design principles she was known for. Later in her career, Florence helped Knoll win the reproduction rights for many pieces of furniture designed by Mies. Many of these designs remain a signature of the Knoll brand nearly 75 years later.

Today, the dimensions and details of furniture created by Mies inspire designers and architects in their offices and homes. Whether your interior design calls for white, black, or tan leather lounge chairs, Knoll makes a Barcelona Chair that will elevate your space.

If you want something more bold, you can custom order these chairs with Acqua leather in striking colors like Coral Sea orange and Spanish Main blue.

Where Form and Function Meet

The Barcelona Chair's relaxed sitting position makes it an ideal choice for lounge spaces and reception areas. Beyond the beauty of this chair, it delivers remarkable levels of functionality as well.

Widely known for comfort, the Barcelona Chair offers an elevated seating experience for guests and staff members. From upscale materials like Sabrina leather to the chrome-plated frame, each element of this chair performs in style.

Numerous Styles for a Cohesive Look

The Barcelona Chair is available as part of an entire collection, so it can be easily matched with other pieces to fill an entire lounge space. If you want a relaxing reading place in your home office, a stool for your feet is the perfect compliment to the Barcelona Chair.

The Barcelona Stool can be ordered with padded upholstery that matches the color of your chair. Or, you could opt for the Barcelona Stool with Cowhide Sling if you prefer the simplicity of black leather and a streamlined profile without padding. Whatever size of space you're trying to fill, Knoll makes it easy to create a cohesive look with the Barcelona collection of furniture.

Wide Array of Leather Options

You can order the Barcelona Chair in a wide array of upholstery colors, empowering you to create a look that's perfect for your décor. The hand-polished chrome frame will provide an elegant outline for whichever color you prefer. Choose from 3 different leather types, each with as many as nine color options.

Knoll makes it easy to perfect the look and feel of your Barcelona Chair. You can also opt for a QuickShip configuration like White Sabrina leather, Black Volo leather, or Parchment Volo leather. Whichever one you choose, you'll enjoy the quality of handmade craftsmanship by Knoll.

Get Your Barcelona Chair by Knoll

If you want to take the style of your office space to a new level, the Barcelona Chair by Knoll can make it happen. For almost 75 years, this classic chair has been handmade to meet the exact specifications of interior designers.

Available in a variety of leathers and colors, configuring the perfect match for your office décor is easy with G|M Business Interiors. Our team of business interior experts has the experience it takes to curate the Knoll collection that best suits your aesthetic goals.

Do you simply need a place to relax and read in your home office? Or, do you need to fill an entire lobby with stunningly beautiful seating? Either way, it's our mission at G|M to elevate your interior with Knoll furniture.

Whether you need a Barcelona Chair with a matching stool or an entire ensemble of Barcelona furniture, G|M Business Interiors is here to help. As a Certified MillerKnoll dealer, we offer full access to all things Knoll. If you want furniture that will elevate your business interior, few other chairs offer the possibilities that the Barcelona Chair does.

To create yours, schedule a design consultation today at one of our showrooms in Irvine, Riverside, or San Diego.