6 Signs Its Time To Upgrade Your Office Furniture

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6 Signs Its Time To Upgrade Your Office Furniture

Planning for the expected service life of commercial office furniture is crucial for getting the most return for business interior investment. Today, most pieces of quality commercial office furniture are meant to be replaced every decade.

Unfortunately, this timeframe is often outside of the warranty period of the manufacturer. Because these warranty periods typically range from three to ten years based on the product, it can be challenging to properly prepare for furniture updates company-wide.

Upgrading, relocating, or refreshing an entire office can be a major drain on both money and time. Beyond the expense, team collaboration is needed to make the process as smooth as possible. That means planning well in advance is required.

To make this planning easier for you, we're going to explore six of the signs that it's time to replace your commercial office furniture so you're ready before it becomes a problem.

Signs It's Time For New Commercial Office Furniture

Knowing the signs of when to replace your office furniture can be incredibly valuable. From planning budgets well in advance to orchestrating the movement of workstations with key employees, foresight is absolutely essential. Here are seven of the signs your pieces of office furniture are nearing the end of their lifespans.

One - When business interiors look and feel dated

If your office décor harkens back to the 80's, it's probably time to give it an update. Ditch drab furniture and elevate your space with clean, ergonomic designs. Look for colors that better match the company culture, switching out boring beige for more modern, upbeat earth tones.

When you often have clients or investors who visit the office, aesthetics should be a conscious consideration at all times.

Although looks alone might not justify replacing your office furniture, conveying the brand image you want to be known for could be a good reason.

A good rule of thumb is giving the workspace an refresher every five to ten years.

Two - When efficient project management is a struggle

The appearance of the office might seem unimportant, but it could be negatively impacting the productivity of your people.

Small movements add up throughout the day, so each extra turn or reach for supplies or documents could be dragging down the efficiency of the organization.

There's also strong evidence that older, less ergonomic office furniture can take its toll on the health of employees.

Prolonged sitting in unsupportive office chairs causes aching backs, sore shoulders, and numb fingers, hurting production numbers. It also makes employees less cheerful and pleased with their job, because no one likes being uncomfortable all day.

Newer office chairs provide more adjustability and support, helping people get more done each hour.

Three - When moving the business to a new location

When you're moving or expanding your office, it can be the perfect time to replace your office furniture. By doing so, you can tune up your floor plan and workspace layout.

This means a boost in communication levels, privacy options, and collaboration spaces. Ideas will spread faster and with greater ease, while those who need quiet time to focus can finally get the peaceful work environment they've been dreaming of.

G|M Business Interiors has experts in office layout and design who can help you optimize your new office space with workstations and seating that's focused on efficiency.

Four - When more workstation options are needed

Open offices can totally change the dynamic of a workspace, sometimes drastically increasing team productivity due to easier collaboration and communication.

However, this design is more than simply replacing cubicles with large workstation hubs or swapping office chairs for cozy ottomans.

The level of productivity or distraction people experience in an open office layout depends on their particular capacity for shifting physical and psychological situations. Some might get too distracted to focus, while others may thrive on the added buzz of an open space.

Modern furniture serves a practical role in maintaining a good balance of collaboration and quiet space so every time of worker can be accommodated.

Five - When seating and other office furniture needs frequent repairs

It's tempting to try to save money by making repairs rather than replacing worn-out pieces of office furniture, but that's often not how it works out. When you factor in lost time and labor costs, along with the potential to buy the wrong parts, it's rarely worth it.

Desks with faulty legs or squeaking drawers, threadbare upholstery, and shelves that have been warped from bearing too much weight are a few examples of times when it's better to just replace the furniture.

Ultimately, office furniture is an investment. Modern office chairs are simply designed better, with less likelihood of needing repairs any time soon.

Six - Office chairs no longer provide enough support

The details of an office chair affect both comfort and productivity. When a chair declines in comfort, so does the quality of work that's produced by the person sitting in it. Studies have found that lower stress levels and higher productivity levels are results of ergonomic office chairs like those from Herman Miller.

Finding The Best Commercial Office Furniture Dealer Near Me

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