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Mission Fed Credit Union Headquarters

Mission Federal Credit Unions moves to a new three-building headquarters complex.

G|M Business Interiors and Mission Federal Credit Union continued their professional partnership with the furnishing of MFCU's new three-building office space.

As the largest locally-owned financial institution in San Diego County, Mission Federal Credit Union saw a need for a new headquarters as the company grew to over 500 employees. With the new facility, G|M Business Interiors partnered with ID Studios and Level 10 Construction to transform MFCU's work environment from large workstations to 120-degree height-adjustable workstations plus private offices, collaborative spaces, conference rooms, and break rooms. G|M Business Interiors also provided each employee with an opportunity to select their own accessories to personalize their station.

Watch the below project video!

Mission Federal Credit Union's new three-building headquarters complex.

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