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Top 20 Education Learning Spaces Furniture Pieces Right Now

Furniture can help create an environment that excites students and faculty members, which can help with attraction and retention. Take a look at our top 20 furniture products this year.

Flirt Multi Purpose Tables 04

1. Herman Miller Everywhere Flip Top Table

Everywhere Tables possess fine lines and a refined aesthetic that complement any space. From conference tables for formal meeting rooms to coffee tables or standing-height occasional tables for more informal settings, Everywhere offers boundless flexibility, enabling any activity that requires an inviting work surface—big or small. With modular and mobile Everywhere Tables, a training room can be set up or rearranged in minutes. Easy-to-use ganging hardware helps keep rows of tables looking neat.

Hm everywhere flip top table

2. Knoll Multigeneration Chair with Hybrid Base

Recognizing that we fidget—from tapping our feet to twirling our pens—to keep us alert and engaged, MultiGeneration by Knoll® has a form and function that encourages natural movement, allowing us to focus and communicate more effectively. The unique hybrid chair design combines comfort and mobility. A buoyant, cantilevered form meets a 4-leg construction with the option of casters. The Dynamic Seat Structure creates an active ride for enhanced performance and comfort.

Knoll multigeneration chair hybrid

3. OFS Flexxy

While maximizing space efficiency, form and function prevail with modern lines and smart details. Flexxy features a flex back designed to provide noticeable comfort through today's multi-tasking applications. Flexxy nests neatly to conserve floor space and stacks four-high for optimum storage. Available with arms or armless. Flexxy is available in Swivel, Stool, and Guest.

OFS flexxy guest wr 03 1

4. Muuto Fiber Side Chair

The Fiber Side Chair brings a new perspective to the iconic shell chair through its innovative composite of plastic and wood fibers. Non-upholstered variants of the Fiber Side Chair are made from a combination of recycled plastic (min. 80% is recycled) and FSC™ (FSC-C028824) certified wood fibers. The wood fibers blend into the surface for a matte finish and add a soft, inviting touch. The Fiber Side Chair is designed with friendly, embracing curves that provide extensive comfort to its user while taking up little space in the room. Please note that Fiber Chair variants with recycled plastic will be available in North America by Fall 2022.
Fiber side chair wood base iskos berlin muuto 9

5. Herman Miller OE1 Project Table

The OE1 Project Table is a mobile solution for teamwork in open offices, meeting rooms, and flexible training rooms. Part of the OE1 Workspace Collection. E1 Project Tables move and gang together to form longer tables and benching applications. So teams can create the spaces they need now—and organizations can boost their operational agility.

Oe1 project table 2

6. Knoll Scribe Markerboards

Brainstorm, share ideas or simply hold that thought, all
with Scribe mobile markerboards. With its neutral design,
Scribe fits into any space and helps define boundaries
within the open plan. Scribe is mobile and agile so you can easily take your next great idea with you. With two writable sides and a range of sizes and colors, the opportunities for collaboration are

2022 06 27 15 25 56 Scribe Mobile Markerboard Knoll

7. Naughtone Lasso Stool

Lasso is a collaborative seating and table system that can be easily moved to create clusters around the three-seat stool. The Lasso seating range is ideally suited to project work within open spaces.

Naughtone lasso 1

8. Herman Miller Zeph Chair

The Zeph Chair finds a happy home between midcentury modern aesthetics and the research-backed ergonomics of today’s work chairs. Its advanced yet simple design offers more for less—more comfort, colors, and style—made with fewer components and at a price that makes it the perfect entrée into the world of Herman Miller performance seating.

Zeph Chair

9. Herman Miller Caper Stacking Chair with Tablet Arm

Caper Stacking Chairs are lightweight and portable, so they can go wherever you need casual, short-term seating. For space-efficient storage when they’re not in use, Caper Stacking Chairs can stack six-high on the floor or 15-high on the Caper Cart, where they can be moved conveniently as a group. With optional ganging connectors, they make a tidy presentation space.

Caper tablet arm

10. National Office Furniture Essay

From classrooms to informal settings, Essay is prepared and ready to perform in any situation. Easily hang a bag or backpack on the chevron-shaped back and feel comfortable that it won’t end up on the floor.

Nof 02 ESS14 Wave Works Classroom Exhibit HC Focus Rev16 Props hi

11. National Fold Nesting Tables

This versatile table collection easily folds and unfolds with the twist of a knob. Move tables together to collaborate or apart for focus time, or move them out of the way entirely. Fold’s durable casters and flip/nest capabilities allow users to reconfigure with ease. Turn Fold’s worksurface into a writable surface by specifying the dry erase board option. The removable modesty panel promotes privacy and the locking casters restrict movement so Fold stays still when you need it to. With all of these features and two table sizes, Fold can accommodate learning and training spaces for a variety of users.

1271 1236 1001 Fold Cover Two Tables HR

12. Hightower Forecast Nesting Tables & Chairs

A stackable chair that doesn’t compromise on comfort. Flexible comfort with outstanding durability and signature “V” design detail, the FourCast®2 family of stackers offer superior stacking capabilities and seemingly endless options. Available in two different bases: four leg (FOUR) or sled base (LINE); with a polypropylene or lacquered bentwood shell. Also available as an arm chair. Chrome base standard. Fully upholstered seat or seat pad.

HIGHTOWER Four Eating Trolly 300dpi

13. Knoll Pixel Tables

A system of tables that adapt. Designed to meet the needs of multiple tasks and audiences, Pixel™ delivers an innovative update to flexible meeting tables — so people can think, learn and work with ease. In today’s fast-paced world, real estate and time are always at a premium. Multi-use spaces have become common; people must often work, meet and collaborate all in the same location. Pixel tables reconfigure quickly and easily. Whether ganged or freestanding, flipped or fixed, nested or folded, Pixel solves the long list of workspace and classroom demands.

Knoll pixel table

14. Knoll Ollo

Ollo with shell back is designed to stay on pace with the spontaneous style of today’s work – pivoting between people, locations and tasks without breaking stride. The classroom is a place of constant, unpredictable motion, and Ollo with shell back provides easy, effortless support for you to seize the moments along the way. Communal by design, Ollo is a chair everyone can get comfortable in. Straightforward, streamlined performance ensures Ollo is always ready for you so that you can be ready for anything.

Knoll ollo chari

15. Arcadia Flirt Multi-Purpose Tables & Chairs

As collaborative and learning environments have become more relaxed, the adaptability of limited space, reconfiguring needs and comfort are still key. Flirt’s nesting capability and ease of mobility provide endless configuration opportunities, ensuring all manners of gathering are achieved with ease. It also appeals from a visual standpoint, with a light-scale modern design that beckons whether in use or in the nested position. Multi-functional in smaller corporate settings or sprawled across larger educational institutions, the accommodating abilities of Flirt fits them all – and everything in between.

Flirt Multi Purpose Tables 04

16. Magis Stool_One

Stool_One combines striking looks and real comfort. And it brings the same futuristic look into your environment. Three legs support the cantilevered seat. Available in two sizes Stool_One is easily stackable and has a range of leg finishes including aluminum, polished aluminum, and anodized black. Stools with aluminum legs come with a red or white seat, and those with black legs with a black seat. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

Magis one stools

17. SitOnIt Seating Orbix Stacking Chair

More design in a stacker. More comfort in a sit. More models to match the needs of any space. The robust build of Orbix® features an ultra-supportive and extra-wide backrest with hundreds of diamond-cut perforations for unmatched breathability and the comfort to breeze through safe and distanced get-togethers. It sets up quickly, stacks up easily, and stores away conveniently.

Orbix Gallery 2 Hi Res

18. SitOnIt Seating Movi Nesting Chairs

Goodbye, bulky and cumbersome. Hello, quick and easy. Introducing the last nesting chair you’ll ever need. For all those quick touch bases that end up being anything but, there’s Movi™. With up to 14 degrees of flexible support at the hip, Movi helps distribute pressure evenly across the back and seat for better, long-term support. Discover an easy-to-maneuver, agile nesting chair that can adapt quickly to a constantly changing environment.

Soi movi gallery img 2500 11

19. OFS Layer

The Layer Teacher Station unlocks instructors from a single teaching style. By supporting multiple postures and mobility, instructors can transition seamlessly to whatever style suits their needs and captures their students’ attention.

OFB educationbrochure wr 13 1

20. KI Learn2 Seating

Adept, flexible and student-focused, Learn2 seating transforms learning environments. It goes wherever it’s needed and can be arranged in any configuration you can imagine. Mobile, adaptable Learn2 facilitates individual work or small to large group teaming. It’s exactly what students need and want for collaborative and interactive learning spaces. With its fully adjustable, dual-handed worksurface, Learn2 adapts to each student’s personal space and provides customized comfort. Sleek, simple and sturdy, Learn2 offers a timeless visual aesthetic and unmatched durability. Choose from three seating styles (Doni, Intellect Wave or Strive), four accessory rack options, two worksurface options (laminate or plastic), casters or glides, and a wide array of colors and finishes for design freedom.

KI Learn2 Seating

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