What An Ideal 21st Century Workplace Should Look Like

What An Ideal 21st Century Workplace Should Look Like

Posted on: Sep 18, 2018

Companies today are realizing the benefits of workplace design, particularly for higher productivity and better employee experience.

Gone are those days when an office was just a place to work. The 21st-century office is a place to collaborate, ideate and innovate, says Arsh Chaudhry, chief executive officer, Space Matrix, a Singapore-based design consultancy that specializes in workplace design.

Founded in 2001, Space Matrix has relevant project experience in over 55 cities and 14 office locations in Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore (HQ), and the United States. The firm has designed offices of Piramal Group (Mumbai), LinkedIn (Bangalore), ITC Ltd. (Bangalore), Astrazeneca (Chennai), Weber Shandwick (Gurgaon) in India.

Workplace design has a direct correlation to productivity levels of employees. According to Chaudhry, focusing on wellness aspects of design like thermal comfort, ambient lightning and biophilic environment can boost employee productivity and reduce attrition.