5 Common Physical Pains that Ergonomic Chairs Help Address

Sitting long hours can take a toll on your employees’ health, but with the right office chairs, the physical pains they feel can be alleviated. Call us now!

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5 Common Physical Pains that Ergonomic Chairs Help Address

Sitting for a prolonged period exerts pressure on your spine, causing physical pain to arise throughout the body. Both neck and back pain are common problems that stem from sitting in office chairs that don't provide enough support.

This is just one reason why offices with an eight-hour work day are wise to consider providing their staff with ergonomic chairs. Another reason is that chairs specifically designed for proper support and maximum comfort help people focus on their work.

Ergonomic chairs don't just boost production—they also prevent downtime from back injuries. Perhaps most importantly, providing office chairs that are designed to provide all-day comfort shows your staff you care about their work experience.

The business benefits are clear, so what are some of the common physical pains ergonomic chairs can help address for your people?

What is an Ergonomic Chair?

Ergonomic chairs are the top choice in today's modern workplace. Key features include adjustable reclining resistance, customizable lumbar support, and highly customized sizing to perfectly match the person using it.

A successful corporate office environment in Orange County, CA starts with superior ergonomics. One way to achieve this goal is combining ergonomic chairs with office workstations from the same manufacturer, such as Herman miller. This helps ensure an ideal seating position for staff members so they can perform at their peak all day long.

Outdated office chairs often lack the features that promote healthy circulation and proper posture, draining your people's energy. Office chairs with modern ergonomic designs such as linkage systems that allow spines to remain properly aligned when reclining solve these problems.

What else can an ergonomic design help improve?

5 Common Conditions Ergonomic Chairs Can Improve

Office chairs of the past were pretty basic, with most lacking features we commonly take for granted today, such as reclining seat backs. Manufacturers like Herman Miller that focus on refining office furniture for optimal ergonomics have changed what's possible for employee comfort and productivity.

Here are five common conditions ergonomic chairs can improve.

Neck and Back Pain

Neck and back pain is often the result of repetitive stress on smaller muscles meant to stabilize the upper body. When your spine is incorrectly aligned because of an imbalance in weight from one side of your body to the other, muscle tension builds with each passing moment.

Shoulder Tension

Shoulder tension from sitting in an office chair is often a sign that your arms are elevated too much by the desk you're at. Holding the arms up beyond a certain point creates too much flexion in the shoulder and upper back muscles, which can eventually lead to longer-term pain.

Slouching and Bad Posture

Office chairs that don't provide enough support throughout the day can cause chronic slouching and bad posture due to overworked back muscles. Chairs that lack support create a negative cycle when back muscles are too tired to hold a proper posture, making it more likely to cause injury.

Hip and Pelvis Alignment

A key factor for reducing pain caused by sitting in an office all day is hip and pelvis alignment. Chairs that lack ergonomically designed seat pans and seat backs often cause misalignments between these two crucial body parts, leading to pain from the legs to the lower back.

Office chairs that allow you to adjust the angle of the seat back help prevent these issues.

Blood Circulation

Sitting in an awkward or imbalanced position can even cause issues with blood circulation. Being positioned with your arms too high or too much bend at the knees can prevent you from getting the proper amount of blood flow to your hands and feet.

Having numb fingers is no help when you have hours of typing to get done each day. Ergonomic office chairs reduce pressure points and incorrect positioning, helping promote proper circulation.

Although used office chairs may seem more budget-friendly, there can be significant drawbacks that make buying them a more costly proposition over time.

Consider these potential pitfalls of buying used office chairs.

Ergonomic Mismatch with Other Office Furniture

One pitfall of buying used office chairs is that they could be a poor fit with the other furniture. A key aspect of ergonomic seating is how well the desk and chair fit together.

Desks that are too high or low for the height range of the chair can result in painful seating positions.

Quality Often Varies Between Chairs

When you’re buying multiple chairs to fill an entire office uniformly, it can be a challenge to find used chairs that all match in condition and functionality.

Lack of Modern Ergonomic Features

While a new ergonomic office chair might seem expensive on day one, older used office chairs often lack the modern ergonomic features that pay dividends over time. Used office chairs quickly reveal their poor value when people simply can't sit comfortably.

Used Chairs May Need Repairs

Inexpensive used ergonomic office chairs may come with hidden problems that could cost more in the long run than buying a new chair from the start. The cheaper the chair, the more likely it needs costly repairs to remain useful in your office.

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