4 Benefits of Touchdown Spaces

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4 Benefits of Touchdown Spaces

When you want to create the ideal office environment, you can start by deciding how to optimize the space. It's essential to strike a balance between access and privacy when ideas are a key driver of your business. Open office spaces can make sharing concepts fast and easy, but that can become a huge distraction for some types of employees.Therefore, it's smart to provide plenty of options on a continuum ranging from total privacy to total access. That way, your employees will be able to tailor their workdays to the spaces they prefer. This could be as simple as a comfortable chair in a lounge space or a private phone booth.Whatever the workspace preference, there are a wide array of options available. Let's dig deeper to discover the benefits of touchdown spaces and how you can create them in your office space.

Finding Smarter Office Workstations Near Me

Touchdown spaces for your employees can come in many varieties. The most effective designs balance style with ways to save time, all while still considering budget. While entire rooms are costly to dedicate to a single purpose, modular office furniture provides an ideal way to create touchdown spaces.

Rather than building out special rooms with walls for people who need privacy, adding some workstations designed to block noise can provide a reprieve from busy spaces. Office furniture today comes in many shapes and sizes, enabling configurations that are specially made to provide a quiet place to work or recharge. So what are some of the benefits you can expect from these solutions for your own touchdown space?

4 Benefits of Touchdown Spaces in an Office

Whether you need to redesign your entire office or just a portion of it, there are numerous ways to configure touchdown space that serves your needs. For example, spaces don't necessarily need to hold the entire staff at once. Sometimes only a few people need a place to relax and collaborate. Sometimes workers just need a quiet desk for a break from their regular workstation that's more noisy and distracting. Here are four of the benefits you can expect from touchdown spaces no matter their layout.

Benefit 1 - Space To Recharge

Offices can be noisy places. This makes it harder to maintain optimal mental energy levels for many workers. Providing small spaces for your people to escape the continually stimulating office environment can help tremendously. A small workspace that's away from everything else only needs a minimal desk and chair, making this a quick fix for improved productivity.

Benefit 2 - Encourage Spontaneous Creativity

Sometimes sitting at desks in offices makes it hard to feel creative. Getting into a better creative headspace is often possible by moving to a different location. Providing areas that are more conducive to conjuring new ideas is one way to boost the creative output of your teams. This could be a workspace that's separate from the rest of the office desks, or even just some comfortable furniture to lay back onto.

Benefit 3 - Casual Collaboration Space

Even in an open office layout, desks can be an impediment to collaborating with everyone on the team. Helping your teams work together is easier with touchdown spaces that remove the physical barriers to communication and idea sharing. Casual collaboration space is possible for your business by adding spaces with lounge chairs or modular meeting rooms where small teams can work together to develop fresh new approaches.

Benefit 4 - Privacy On Site Anytime

As some folks are transitioning from their home office space back to the traditional office workspace, a loss of privacy might become an issue. Compared with home office desks, a desk in your business might not afford the level of privacy remote workers have become accustomed to. Offering touchdown space can help these team members transition back to working in the office by providing privacy anytime.

What Office Furniture Can Be Used for Touchdown Spaces?

So what are some types of office furniture that work for creating touchdown spaces? Here are a handful of options to consider on your search for the perfect workspace layout.

Budget Conscious Office Desks

The right desk can make or break the level of productivity you get from your people. These can range from simple budget desks with enough space for a laptop and a water bottle to entire workspace clusters.

Office Chairs with Caster Wheels

A key feature to look for in an office chair is caster wheels. These enable workers to effortlessly move their chair to another area of the office like a touchdown space for quick privacy.

Private Phone Booths

Private phone booths are one perfect solution to this when space is limited in your office. This modular piece of office furniture can be moved to wherever you prefer, allowing you to decide where privacy can be achieved at a moment's notice.

Partitioned Group Spaces

Rather than needing purpose-built meeting rooms that use up valuable square footage, opt for a partitioned group space. This type of small workspace can accommodate anywhere from two to eight people, making it possible to hold quick meetings away from the rest of the team.

Lounge Seating Spaces

Another type of furniture that can be used to create the perfect touchdown space in your business is lounge seating. This style of office chair is more focused on relaxation and comfort than on getting things done quickly and efficiently.

Creating An Office Touchdown Space Made Simple

When you're trying to find ways to benefit from touchdown spaces in your office, look no further than G|M Business Interiors. We strive every day to infuse excellence into your office furniture layout. Our experts in office space design can help you with every aspect of striking a balance of privacy and production. Whether you need ergonomic seating, desks, or more storage, we have a premium selection to choose from.

Creating an office touchdown space is simple with our team of business interior specialists who have deep knowledge in designing spaces that maximize productivity. Contact G|M Business Interiors to schedule an appointment today. Come visit one of our showrooms in Irvine, Riverside, or San Diego to see how we can elevated your workplace.