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G|M Business Interiors recently elevated the workplace for a local lifestyle client, using vibrant hues and modern furniture selections to transform the space.

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When a local lifestyle client was looking to refresh its headquarters with a more modern and functional workplace that better aligned with its core values, G|M Business Interiors stepped up to help bring its vision to life.

A Fusion of Contemporary Aesthetics and Ergonomics

In partnership with Ware Malcomb and Pacific Building Group, G|M worked with the client to create custom solutions tailored to their unique set of challenges. They wanted a space that met the current needs of its cutting-edge teams while simultaneously drawing in the next generation of employees. G|M integrated both modern and timeless furniture to help support the highly collaborative nature of its teams while simultaneously allowing for heads-down spaces when needed. The juxtaposition of classic and contemporary pieces creates an environment that blends familiarity with innovation seamlessly. Each piece of furniture was thoughtfully selected to resonate with the overarching design theme, creating a cohesive and sophisticated environment.

Spanning two floors, this project features 188 workstations, accommodating the operational requirements of two distinct departments: R&D and IT. Beyond workstations, the design includes several small meeting spaces and ancillary areas, strategically integrated to foster collaboration and enhance workflow efficiency. Recognizing the importance of comfort in a workspace, the furniture creates an environment where productivity is complemented by physical well-being. This focus on comfort ensures that employees can collaborate, concentrate, and relax with ease.

Vibrant Hues and Expressive Personality

Envisioning a more lively space, the client wanted a brighter workplace that resonated with its brand identity. Since the clientele of this lifestyle brand spends most of its time outdoors, G|M selected colors and textures that brought these elements into the workplace design, creating a seamless connection to the brand's identity. This thoughtful blending of textures, hues, and forms not only sparks inspiration but also nurtures an atmosphere that enhances creativity and productivity.

G|M designed a workplace that evoked the client's unique brand style: elevated, sharp, and comfortable. Vibrant and vivacious colors harmonize, infusing life into the surroundings while representing the organization's ethos. The strategic fusion of colors mirrors the spirit of modernity and fosters a welcoming ambiance that resonates with both employees and guests alike. The project was led by G|M Account Executive, Michaela Stein, and her team.

"I loved working with the facilities team on this project. They have been with the brand for a long time and know it heart and soul. Our collaboration and hours together made the project tight and impactful. Every decision that was made had a specific goal in mind that created an extremely cohesive project. I think that we had fun and that this project is a hole-in-one!" - Account Executive, Michaela Stein

Setting the Stage for an Elevated Work Experience

This project seamlessly blends contemporary aesthetics with ergonomic comfort, delivering a dynamic environment that perfectly caters to the client's needs. The furniture pieces, colors and textures, and layout create a sophisticated environment that mirror's the client's unique identity.

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