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G|M's 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Check out some of our favorite products for the holidays.

Eames lounge christmas

The holidays can be stressful as the number of people you need to buy gifts for grows with each passing year. To help you out, we've compiled a list of some of our favorite holiday recommendations.

1. A cozy statement blanket.

Girard throw
Girard Throw Blanket

In the mid-1960s, Alexander Girard designed this richly hued throw blanket as part of an astounding 17,543-item brand identity system – from logo to lounge furniture to bag tags – for Braniff International Airways. Recreated today by Pendleton – whose blankets Girard avidly collected – the designs are crafted from a blend of 82 percent naturally breathable, wrinkle-resistant, high-quality virgin wool, and 18 percent cotton.

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2. An ergonomic office chair.

Verus chair
Herman Miller Verus Chair

Verus redefines what an affordable work chair can be. Efficiently designed and engineered to assure ergonomic alignment and support, it gives people both short-term and long-term comfort at an equally comfortable price.

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3. A desk all-in-one charging station.

Phone holder gm elevate
Elevate Desk Mount Power

Keep your wireless mobile devices charged up and ready to go without the hassle of searching for an outlet. The Elevate™ Wireless Desk Power makes power quickly and conveniently accessible by allowing users to charge their mobile phones and other electronic devices right on top of the desk. With two power outlets and three USB ports, this unit keeps you connected by allowing you to safely charge multiple devices at once. Available in white or grey.

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4. A height adjustable desk.

Height Adjustable Table 004
Elevate Height Adjustable Desk

Find a healthier way to work by alternating between sitting and standing while you work throughout the day. The Elevate™ Height Adjustable Table easily adapts to any task by quickly and quietly adjusting from sitting to standing in less than 10 seconds. With three programmable memory presets, our high-performance ergonomic height adjustable desk takes the guesswork out by allowing you to customize the settings to your needs with the click of a button.

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5. A bright on-the-go coffee mug.

Hay cup 2
Hay Sowden Travel Mug

Contrasting colors make for a playful expression in George Sowden’s Travel Cup. Crafted in stainless steel with a plastic screw lid, this insulated travel cup keeps drinks hot for up to 12 hours and cold for up to 24 hours.

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6. A fun piece of functional decor.

Eames hang it all 2
Eames Hang It All

With their Hang-It-All, Charles and Ray Eames elevated the everyday coat rack into something inventive and fun. First crafted with multicolored hooks and a white wireframe, the material and colorway offering has since expanded with fidelity to the sophistication—and sense of play—of the original.

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7. Some practical desk accessories.

Ubi Work Tools
Herman Miller Ubi Work Tools

Any work area takes an active role in supporting what people do when they add items from the Ubi Work Tools portfolio. Individuals can arrange—and rearrange—the portfolio’s assortment of tools to suit their personal preferences and workstyles. Based on research into organizing principles, the designs give people a new and richer experience of working.

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8. Monitor arms for ergonomic support.

Elevate Monitor Arm
Elevate Monitor Arms

Reduce neck strain and clear valuable desk space with the Elevate Single Monitor Arm. This high-performance, easy-to-use, single monitor arm adjusts effortlessly with an exceptional range of flexible, smooth-flowing motion. Extend, retract, tilt and rotate from landscape to portrait mode, so you can get your monitor screen right where you need it. The Elevate Single Monitor Arms easily attaches to the edge of any desk or table and allows for ideal ergonomic positioning by encouraging a better posture – reducing shoulder, neck, and eye strain.

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9. A sleek desk light.

Flute task light
Herman Miller Flute Desk Light

Flute can be used in any work environment as a freestanding lamp or with a surface mount. It uses the latest in LED technology to provide high-quality light output. Manufactured from 37% recycled material, Flute consumes 30 to 50+% less energy than traditional task lights. It uses only a total of 4.7 watts of energy to provide 48 lumens per watt and has a life span of more than 60,000 hours (24 years with average use). At the end of its useful life, it is 85% recyclable.

View the Flute Personal Light

10. Keep track of the time.

Nelson clock
Nelson Ball Clock

Credited to Irving Harper, a design director at George Nelson Associates, the Ball Clock is the quintessential Modernist accessory. Its playful composition reduces an everyday item to its bare essence, challenging what we think it could and should look like.

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11. A playful sculpture for kids and adults alike.

Magis puppy ambiente 3 zoom
Magis Puppy

Puppy is designed for the Me Too collection by Magis. A creative piece by Eero Aarnio to do away with the barriers between toys and furniture. Children are attracted by the bright colors and the unconventional forms and characteristics of Eero Aarnio's designs...bringing forth a play on fantasy. A great piece to look at or to sit on, stylish, and functional. Puppy is suitable for outdoor use.

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12. Custom throw pillows.

Custom throw pillows
Geiger Textile Throw Pillows

Add an accent color or touch of comfort with our most versatile textiles. Duck feather-filled inserts are paired with a choice of pillow covers in one of more than 30 Geiger Textiles patterns, each available in multiple colorways. Geiger Textiles Pillows coordinate beautifully with Geiger’s growing selection of soft seating, including Tuxedo Component Lounge Seating, Rolled Arm Sofa Group, and Wood Base Lounge Seating.

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13. A healthier way to work.

Elevate Stationary Bike

Keep the momentum going as you pedal through work and your fitness goals at the same time. The Elevate™ Stationary Desk Bike helps you stay fit during the workday by enhancing your cardiovascular system and increasing oxygen levels and blood flow circulation all throughout your body. This high-performance bike comes with a resistance knob so you can set your own pace and intensity, while the LCD display screen tracks your time, speed, distance, and calories burned.

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14. A modern and versatile rug.

Tres rug
DWR Tres Rug

With its unconventional juxtaposition of three contrasting panels, the Tres Rug is a refreshing way to add modern flair to your floor. The Tres Rug is a traditional Indian flat-weave floor covering that’s hand-loomed in alternating parts in which different fibers predominate. The ways in which the wool, felt, and cotton blend in each section bring the pattern to life with interesting variations in tone and weave.

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