Scripps MD Anderson Cancer Center

The design of the Scripps MD Anderson Cancer Center hospital uses nature, color, pattern, and flow to communicate the San Diego-based hospital's mission of ending cancer.


G|M Business Interiors partnered with healthcare design and consulting firm Freeman White and general contractor Lusardi Construction Company to create a warm and welcoming environment for the Scripps MD Anderson Cancer Center, a top cancer-fighting center located in the Encinitas area of San Diego.

The Scripps MD Anderson Cancer Center wanted to create an environment that reflected their passion for helping patients conquer cancer. They wanted the new center to enable the team to collaborate, communicate and innovate with one another, in turn strengthening the commitment to its mission.

The goal of the design was to convey a sense of hope through an uplifting range of coastal-inspired finishes, colors, and textures. To do this, elements of nature, color, pattern, and flow were integrated all throughout the space. The color palette was carefully selected to take staff members, patients, and guests on a visual journey that explores wellness, creativity, and movement. Celebrating life, the use of natural finishes reflects the energy and pace of the organization.

Each part of the space was designed with a sense of purpose, function, and connection. Thoughtful placement of built-out spaces, offices, and meeting rooms are intentionally detailed with glass to ensure natural light shines through. The layout promotes movement and supports the variety of tasks that would be done all throughout the space.

This single-floor project uses furniture from a variety of manufacturers including Herman Miller, OFS, Carolina, SitOnIt, National, Nemschoff, and others. Notably, Herman Miller's Commend Nurses Station was a great match. Combining the beauty of millwork with the benefits of prefab, Commend brought clarity and order to the space. Its modular form helps create clear pathways and destinations, signaling where families and can approach for conversations, and where caregivers have privacy for individual work.

Overall, the Scripps MD Anderson Cancer Center's new space aligns with its mission to fight cancer while promoting collaboration, innovation, and communication.

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