Knoll Wassily Office Chairs: Modernism Meets Craftsmanship

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Knoll Wassily Chair

The Wassily Chair by Knoll was originally conceived by designer Marcel Breuer with the frame of a bicycle in mind. This uniquely modern chair was designed in 1925 and heavily influenced by the constructivist theories of the De Stijl movement. One of the primary goals Marcel had in mind when crafting the chair was weld-free construction, allowing chrome plating to envelop every bend in the steel tubing.

Once the first chair was finished, Wassily Kandinsky happened to visit Marcel's studio and saw it. In just a year's time, Marcel had furnished the entire Bauhaus with his furniture. Today, the chair is widely credited with changing the course of modern furniture design forever.

For those wanting to add a minimalist aesthetic to their office space, Wassily Chairs are perfect. With industrial design roots, this modern take on the classic club chair offers a look that's clean and colorful. As one of the staples of the Breuer Collection by Knoll, this chair is sure to elevate whatever interior it serves.

Modernism Meets Craftsmanship

Marcel Breuer was still just an apprentice at the Bauhaus when he first conjured the elemental lines and planes of the Wassily Chair. At only 23 years old, Marcel had recently bought his first bicycle.

Talking to an architect friend one day, Marcel proclaimed the bicycle as a seemingly perfect design. A form that had persisted for so long was certainly something to take note of, especially as a young and upcoming designer.

Marcel began experimenting with tubular construction using techniques perfected by plumbers to bend tubing. He wanted to avoid hard angles and welding pieces together, which would hamper the achievement of a clean appearance. So, when Marcel's architect friend gave him the idea to bend steel tubing, he set out to apply the same principles to furniture construction.

Chrome-Plated Curves and Colorful Leather

Originally designed in 1925, The Wassily Chair offers clean, chrome-plated curves and leather surfaces in a variety of colors. World-renowned for its classic style, the Wassily Chair makes an ideal addition to office environments that focus on design.

Knoll can customize these chairs to your precise specifications, including your choice of 27 Spinneyback leather colors. You can also opt for canvas with chrome tubing, or even choose gold-plated tubing. Whichever version you go with, you can be certain this chair will bring a unique aesthetic to your company.

Influential To Designers For Decades

Marcel Breuer was still uncertain of himself as a designer back when he first started experimenting with the tubular construction of furniture. Nearly 100 years later, many of his designs are a staple of the Knoll brand. Today, the design details and dimensions used by Marcel are inspiring designers of all types in their offices and homes.

Whether the interior design of your business demands white, black, or red leather lounge chairs, Knoll has a Wassily Chair to liven up your space. If you're seeking something bolder, you can custom order these chairs with gold plated tubing, vivid colors of Spinneyback leather, or even a haired hide upholstery.

Design history mavens will also love the KnollStudio logo and signature of Marcel Breuer that's stamped on the chair's base.

Blending Minimalism with Functionality

The Wassily Chair features a minimalist appearance, but still provides a comfortable and relaxed seating experience that's perfectly suited to lounges and reception spaces. Aside from the good looks of this chair's material and chrome tubing, the functionality is second to none, making it an excellent choice for those who expect the best.

When you want to provide a comfortable seating experience for guests without adding bulky looks, few chairs can compete with the Wassily. With premium leather seating surfaces and gold plating, every aspect of this chair exudes style while still providing the utmost comfort.

Match With Other Tubular Steel Styles

The Wassily Chair is just one of the options in the lineup of furniture in the Marcel Breuer collection from Knoll. His iconic tubular steel design is seen across most of his other pieces, making it simple to create a cohesive look throughout your office space.

Because the Wassily Chair features the same design principles as other pieces from Marcel, it's easy to coordinate the appearance of your office. No matter the size of the space you need to furnish, Knoll enables you to accomplish a polished aesthetic with the Marcel Breuer collection of furniture.

Wide Array of Design Options

You can customize your Wassily Chair upholstery color, making it possible to create the look that you're after. The polished chrome or gold-plated frame offers an elegant outline for whatever color you land on.

If you're in a rush to fill your office space with the Wassily Chair and are fine with more traditional colors, Knoll has QuickShip styles in stock as well. These options include canvas, black leather, and haired hide when ordering chrome-plated frame chairs.

If you prefer a gold-plated frame instead, you'll have seven options to choose from when ordering. No matter which Wassily Chair configuration you choose, you'll love the quality of craftsmanship and attention to detail that Knoll provides.

Custom Order A Wassily Chair by Knoll

When your goal is elevating your office environment without being overly ornate, the Wassily Chair by Knoll is ideal. For nearly 100 years, this modern lounge chair has been serving as seating for people with a keen eye for design. The history behind this chair has established it as iconic, and with Knoll as the manufacturer, the production quality is always impeccable.

Available in 27 colors of Spinneyback leather with either chrome or gold plated tubing, creating a chair that compliments your office décor is easy with G|M Business Interiors. Our team of expert business interior designers is well-versed in the upscale collections that Knoll offers, so you're sure to achieve the aesthetic you're imagining.

When you're ready to customize your Wassily Chair, we make it easy. You can see the different color options in person before ordering, helping you rest easy that you've made the right choice.

As a Certified MillerKnoll dealer, G|M Business Interiors offers total access to the entire Knoll catalog. When you're seeking furniture to elevate your business interior, few other brands offer the possibilities that Knoll does. To get started, schedule a design consultation today at one of our showrooms in Irvine, Riverside, or San Diego.