How to Make Corporate Lounges Feel Luxurious With G|M Furniture

GM Business Interiors Office Furniture Irvine Herman Miller collection. A corporate lounge should be a comforting and inviting space, where employees can feel like they are welcome. Here are tips for designing a luxurious lounge!

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​​How to Make Corporate Lounges Feel Luxurious

A corporate lounge should be a comforting and inviting space where both employees and guests feel like they are welcome. There are many inventive ways to transform these formerly utilitarian spaces, whether an entire office is being renovated or a new, luxurious lounge is being developed.

Luxury does not always mean being extravagant or high in price, true elegance is often rooted in functionality. The perfect balance of luxury and functionality can be achieved with a few elements in harmony.

Your employee lounge should be an inviting, welcoming destination where employees can go to relax, recharge, and connect with coworkers. Most lounges present a generous area and modern design, but small rooms also provide an exclusive waiting area presenting the company’s image.

Provide a Welcoming Environment

Provide balance with materials. Earthy, natural materials help bring your staff closer to the outdoor world and positively impact their mood. Consider adding plants and rugs that bring out the colors. Designers also suggest using thicker materials like felt to separate the work from the quiet and communal spaces.

It creates a clean and essential environment when objects and the decor are all white, enhancing the incoming light, compared to black or dark colors. Choose chairs, conference tables, desk lamps, shelves, bar carts, cabinets, and bookcases with sturdy designs, and add bright, ultra-modern accessories to create a minimal environment. Our Herman Miller collection speaks class and comfort!

Please the senses. Don’t just focus on the decor and visuals. While paint color, light, lamps, and natural scenes can activate a space, you can increase comfort by incorporating soft, plush textures. The Swoop Lounge by Herman Miller will give that great welcoming impression. With its versatile design, it provides immense comfort for any sitting position.

Divide Space Into Different Categories

Creating a lounge area that is separated from the work zone is important. You should first make sure that the lounge is not overstuffed to the point where there isn't any more room for you to move around.

Creating different zones in your executive lounge is the best way to go about it, with each zone serving a specific purpose. Make sure you incorporate seating areas, computer tables, and dining tables that are comfortable, as well as your workspaces, kitchen, and dining areas.

The break room floor has always been the place where your employees go to recharge on a sofa after spending most of the workday in their office chairs and desk. Focus on exceeding your team's expectations and elevating their experience, not just meeting their needs.

The Module Lounge by Herman Miller can serve as the main attraction to your corporate lounge. Its simple design makes it perfect for any type of space.

Ensure the Necessities Are Available

In addition to the ambiance, you should not overlook the bare essentials for your office. Having everything you need is what can make your office feel luxurious. Never run out of necessities, such as your office supplies like some paper, pen, highlighter, and stapler.

You should also ensure all the commodities that people might need are readily available. Additionally, provide your guests with opulent outlets, tech accessories, and table-integrated charging stations in your executive lounge, in addition to a strong and reliable Wi-Fi connection.

That being said, corporate lounges should not display common office supplies such as whiteboard, monitor, keyboard, mouse, file cabinet, and others.

Your business could be in danger if you fail to embrace technology. Make sure your brand is ready for the future by investing in smart technology. Your business can get a competitive edge by integrating modern office furniture with tech tools.

Seat Your Guests Comfortably

You should provide your employees with comfortable lounge furniture, office chairs, stools, ottomans, benches, and standing height desks, as well as booths and sectionals in your employee lounge. Flexibility and choice are important in allowing movement and enabling a variety of conversational styles.

Luxurious upholstered executive lounge chairs are ideal. A soft-to-touch accent with pillows and upholstery will not only provide a great level of comfort, but will also create an attractive appearance. You can choose leather or velvets, especially those with textured patterns. Relaxation and stress relief can be achieved through soft, comfortable furniture.

The Full Loop and Nelson Coconut Lounge Chairs by Herman Miller will give that luxurious look you are looking for while also providing relaxing downtime for your employees.

Quality Items Are a Must

The following are some key questions to consider when shopping for high-quality office furniture. Examine the construction materials closely first. In contrast to furniture made from particleboard or plastic, high-quality furniture is typically made from stainless steel, glass, or solid wood like walnut.

You should also examine the piece's craftsmanship. Strong construction, smooth finishes, proper sizes, balanced base, and clean lines are characteristics of well-made furniture. Don't forget to look at the furniture's overall design. In contrast to cheaply-made furniture, high-quality stuff is stylish and functional.

High-quality office furniture is easy to spot if you keep these things in mind, it is best to consider taking a look at quality commercial furniture distributors. Furniture that has a brand name is another factor to consider. There is often a high level of quality and value in brand-name items.

Don't Skimp on Utility and Style

If you are designing such an area, you should not only focus on its functionality and practicality. Your lounge should also include some luxury and comfort in addition to these two parameters. Storage-equipped accent tables and coffee tables are a welcome addition.

Provide your team with something extra that they will not find at their home office. Give your office an element of luxury that will make your employees eager to come back again.

Shop the Herman Miller collection when it comes to finding sofas and other seatings for your lounge, and you'll find offers that have an incredibly modern and stylish look, as well as extremely versatile and durable.

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