Four Modern Office Design Trends In 2022

Knowing how to design your office and constructing office interiors can be a daunting task, let these four modern design trends for business interiors and office pods in 2022 help you out.

G M Business Interiors Commercial Furniture Dealer San Diego Four Modern Office Design Trends In 2022

Employees have been anticipating 'the day' when everyone will return to the office. After two years, governments progressively eased restrictions on working from home, and employees are encouraged to return to the office and we are able to restore our pre-Covid patterns of office-based working.

Some businesses are preparing to welcome their staff back to the workplace and have already begun doing so. If that is not the case yet, it is almost certain that they will be expected to return to the workplace in person at some point in the near future. Everyone is looking forward to returning to work because most of us are longing for social connections and the tools that an office provides, such as ergonomic office seating, height-adjustable desks, large-scale collaboration technology such as conference tables, whiteboards and office pods, among other things. But are the workplaces up to the task? Now is a crucial time to be agile.

Increasingly, businesses are considering how quickly they can reintegrate employees back into the workplace, placing a greater emphasis on employee well-being and safety in the process. Employees' access to the people and tools they require to collaborate most effectively and to produce new ideas that lead to innovation occurs in the office setting. We've carefully compiled modern office design trends that are conducive to attracting people back to the workplace.

This will help you prepare in case you will have a group of employees who will be requesting a more modern office design. There has never been a better opportunity to make changes! Freshening up your workplace environment will not only invigorate your staff on a daily basis, but it will also increase their productivity, improve their well-being, and lower their turnover rates. Even better, when your workplace design is up to date with the times, potential clients and investors will find your company more enticing as well.

Especially if you aren't well-known for having a keen eye for interior design, knowing how to redesign your office to be more modern can appear to be an insurmountable challenge for you. In order to keep you up to date on the most recent developments in contemporary offices, we've compiled this fast list of four modern office design trends for 2022. Here, we'll discuss four straightforward concepts that will help you ensure that your staff are working in the most productive office setting possible. Let's get started on altering your office from drab to energizing, and therefore enhancing your work environment.

Designing For Neurodiversity

With more and more companies seeing the value in fostering inclusive workplaces, several design considerations are being leveraged to be more mindful of how an office space might influence those working in it. In essence, Neurodiversity recognizes the differences in brain function from one individual to the next. ADHD, Autism, Dyspraxia, and Dyslexia are all examples of neurodiverse conditions. While the concept of Neurodiversity isn’t new, more employers are realizing the benefits of considering it when constructing office interiors.

To account for Neurodiversity, modern office design should deliver a range of spaces, providing options for where employees feel most effective in their work. Similar to how mothering rooms, prayer rooms, and yoga spaces are being integrated into the modern office, it’s also adapting to help neurodiverse workers leverage their talents better.

Increased Flexibility For Hybrid Workers

As the rise in working from home has become more prevalent, adoption of a hybrid working model has increased as well. And if your office is still an essential part of your business structure, you need to maximize your space for this new model of work.

When remote members of your team visit the office, they’ll need access to temporary workstations, seating, and places to hold small team meetings. This requires modern offices to integrate agile workspaces like benches, phone booths, and meeting space partitions that help limit distractions.


Sustainability is moving up in priority for companies both large and small, including their business interiors. Companies are seeking more ways to improve the sustainability scores of their offices through smart design and careful product selection.

Sustainable interior design for business means far more than just adding some recycling bins around the office. Sustainability starts with the procurement process, so time must be dedicated to sourcing office furniture that aligns with these types of initiatives. Carbon net zero initiatives and other sustainability goals all depend on having an office design that’s focused on sustainability.

Removing What Doesn’t Serve You Daily

Clutter and disorganization stirs up anxious feelings, dragging down productivity and discouraging creativity. Modern office design seeks to eliminate clutter, Marie Kondo style. If items aren’t serving workers or bringing them joy daily, it’s time for them to go. By reducing clutter, workers will enjoy a greater sense of peace and feel more productive when stepping into the office.

Reducing clutter starts with getting rid of items that don’t serve the work, but remaining items still must be attended to. Numerous types of storage options help keep items hidden that aren’t frequently used. Also, consider the amount of free space on team member’s desktops. When desks lack ample free space, it causes a sense of chaos, inhibiting productivity.

Transform Your Office Design With GM Business Interiors

You can count on our designers to help you update, reorganize, or completely redesign your workplace so that it is a healthy and safe environment for your employees. Even while the privacy and shared space requirements of every company differ, everyone returning to work will find that their workplace has undergone a significant transformation. Our designers and access to a wide range of product options allow us to adapt to your changing needs. Based on your specific demands, our bespoke business interiors, designs, and solutions will keep your work environment warm and welcoming without sacrificing security.

When you need help redesigning your office to keep up with key trends, the interior design team at GM Business Interiors is ready! We stay on top of the latest trends so you can be sure you’re best leveraging the talents of your team. Our product experts will help you track down the office furniture that meets your sustainability initiatives and productivity aspirations. Give us a call to get started on your modern office transformation today!