9 Simple Décor Ideas to Elevate Office Cubicles

Office cubicles need not be boring! Keep your staff inspired and productive with these simple décor ideas. For high-quality furniture, call us now!

G M Business Interiors Commercial Furniture Dealer San Diego 9 Simple Décor Ideas to Elevate Office Cubicles

9 Simple Décor Ideas to Elevate Office Cubicles

A third of our lives are spent at work. You're supposed to be efficient, innovative, and friendly while you're at work. The design of your workplace has a significant impact on how you feel and how you perceive the world around you.

In the absence of conscious awareness, I'm sure you've attempted to compete for the window seat or wished you could add some color to the walls. This is a public display of your desire for a good environment.

Considering the time people spend at work, office cubicles serve as the home away from home for millions of workers around the world. When the work day is feeling long, having some decorations in the cubicle can make all the difference. So what are some simple décor ideas for elevating office cubicles?

Unique Accents

Accents can add a touch of personality to the walls of an office cubicle, transforming them from drab to fab. Items like colorful synthetic floral pieces, trinkets related to personal hobbies, or even little works of art from kids can provide a much homier environment to work in.

Stylish Wall Clock

The clock doesn’t have to be a drain on motivation. By infusing some interesting design features, a stylish wall clock can turn this otherwise mundane item into an uplifting one. Wall clocks that have colorful details, fashionable fonts, and intricate movements that are visible are all great ways to elevate an office cubicle.

Picture Frames

Picture frames are another fun way to raise the mood within an office cubicle. Frames with vibrant colors, patterns, or even motivational text go beyond simply displaying photos or artwork. Rather than having to look at plain gray walls all day long, attractive picture frames can make for a much happier place to work.

Motivational Wall Messages

When work isn’t going so well, getting a little motivational boost can be the perfect remedy. Hanging some motivational wall messages is one good way to make this happen on-demand. Displaying words of encouragement that resonate with personal goals and values can help focus the mind and keep it real. These simple sayings can help maintain a mindset that endless opportunities and possibilities often arise in the darkest of moments.

Colorful Paintings

Artwork can create the perfect mood for getting more done with less energy required. Few people are inspired by drab, neutral colors that often cover the walls of cubicles. Adorning cubicle walls with colorful paintings instantly injects the tiny space into a unique expression of personality and taste, helping workers feel more at home.

DIY Office Accessories

The pride one feels in making something from scratch can be easily conjured anytime by displaying some homemade creations in the cubicle. Rows of cubicles can sometimes make people feel like they’re just another number, but adding in some visual personal achievements like DIY office accessories can help workers feel a stronger sense of identity.

Chic Bookends

Voracious readers love showing off their personal libraries, and there are few better ways to display a collection of books than with some chic bookends. Rather than just lining or stacking books against the cubicle wall, organize them with some unique and fun bookends by category, author, or reading priority.

Plants in Classy Vases

Studies have shown that keeping plants around can lift the moods of people both at home and work. The cubicle is the ideal place to enjoy the benefits of plants. Try putting some plants in classy vases that feature colorful glass work or painted details and see how it transforms any cubicle into an environment of beauty and vitality.

Luminous Lamp

The lighting in an office space can often feel stark and irritating to the eyes. Bringing in a luminous lamp that delivers a lower color temperature of light can help reduce eye strain, along with setting a more comfortable tone within the space.


A pleasant odor, whether from a favorite candle or essential oils, can completely transform the atmosphere in your office. Did you know that smell is the most powerful sense and has the greatest ability to influence brain activity? So, in addition to making your office feel cozier, lighting a candle or diffusing essential oils can help you be more productive during the workday.

Productivity-conducive Playlist

A wide variety of mood playlists can be found on Spotify. Even if you're looking for a rainy-day/autumn-day/morning commute playlist, there are countless possibilities. Take the time to find one that is both calming and productive. If you're feeling particularly sprightly, you could even bring a record player to work and play a few of your favorite records while you work!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do people ask most often when it comes to decorating an office workstation to be more inviting, inspiring, and comfortable to work in all day long?

How do I personalize my office cubicle?

Office workstations and cubicles can be personalized with many different types of items, such as picture frames, artwork, and small plants. The key is to balance the number of items so it doesn’t feel too cluttered.

How do you revamp old office furniture?

Revamping office furniture is one way to elevate a cubicle. By working with a commercial office furniture dealer near you, broken or worn pieces can be replaced or repaired, infusing new life into older office furniture.

What is a standard office cubicle size?

Most cubicle sizes will be either 6'x6', 6'x8', or 8'x8' in dimension.

Spruce Up Your Office Cubicle Today

It can be challenging to make the design of your office space a priority when you have to contend with tight timetables, restrictions from the office admins, and a budget. Having ownership of your office space, incorporating elements of nature, experimenting with lighting and color schemes, and developing a modular approach to decorating are some easy steps that can go a long way toward ensuring that both you and your employees are happy and productive in the workplace.

When you need help sprucing up your office cubicle, the design experts at GM are here to help! We provide business interior accessories that will elevate any workplace and inspire creativity. Check out our workstation offerings and give us a call today.