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Mindtouch takes over 15th floor of 101 Broadway; the true definition of a FUN workplace!

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Mindtouch began in 2004 by Steve and Aaron, who originally met while working at Microsoft. They realized that organizations were being held back by bad software. People were struggling with PDFs that were not mobile-friendly, expensive federated search systems that often did not work, and knowledge base systems that could not scale to the organizational need. At the same time, they recognized that people do not want to be guided, forced, or supported—they want the freedom to self-serve knowledge on demand.

G|M has partnered with Mindtouch over the past 5 years, designing and outfitting their last (2) offices. The Mindtouch vibe is Fun @ Work. You will see Mindtouchers in the office at all hours of the day, from morning coffee chats, to afternoon team huddles, and late night video game competitions. They truly are a one of a kind workplace!

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