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Confidential San Diego Private Enterprise Client

G|M furnished a bright and modern project for a large private enterprise client in San Diego.


Over the past year and a half, we have worked hard to provide one of our large San Diego clients with a modern and energetic workplace. The client came to us seeking to refresh their old, outdated, and bland space with a more modern, open, and lively space that would be more enjoyable for their current and future employees. This two-floor project is one of six buildings at the customer's location and includes 420 workstations, 30 private offices, 9 conference rooms, 8 meeting rooms, 3 wellness rooms, and several collaboration areas.

The client also wanted to prioritize collaboration and bringing people together, while simultaneously providing a variety of workplace locations for individuals. G|M helped them achieve this by integrating a mixture of meeting areas as well as individual workspaces including National Strassa Tables and Grin Seating, OFS Heya Booths, and Framery Phone Booths.

As a part of our client's wellness program, Herman Miller Renew sit-to-stand desks with eased-edge Formcoat surfaces have been used at each workstation. The Formcoat surface allows for easy cleaning while the eased edge provides comfort for users. The project was led by G|M Account Manager Darrin Heying and team, who overcame many hurdles together including the installation of this project during the global pandemic, which cause several delays and project timeline changes.

"It was very gratifying to complete the project as planned and on schedule, in spite of the challenges the coronavirus has posed," said Heying. "I've been working with this customer for years and walked through this outdated building several times. To be involved with revitalizing the space and making it so functional and beautiful was an awesome experience."

Our client also prioritizes energy consumption and usage. One of their top goals was to create an energy-efficient space as they work to achieve LEED silver status.