City of Lake Forest Civic Center

The city of Lake Forest's brand new 12.5 acre civic center provides the community with a "100 year home".

G|M Business Interiors partnered with the City of Lake Forest and Carrier Johnson+Culture to provide the community with a brand new civic center which is referred to as the community's "100 year home". Spanning across 12.5 acres, the civic center is comprised of 4 buildings; a multipurpose community center, a senior center, a city council chamber/ Performing Arts venue, and a city hall/administration offices building.

The 21,000 sf. community center includes conference rooms, events rooms, and a catering kitchen. The 17,500 sf. single story senior center offers computer training rooms, space for arts & crafts, wellness rooms, and a game room. The 13,600 sf. city council chambers are housed in a two story building along with the 200 seat Performing Arts venue. Lastly, the 49,900 city hall and administration office building shares space with the community policy center.