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Affirmed Housing - Stella & Bluewater

G|M is excited to share a hospitality project completed for Affirmed Housing's neighboring Stella & Bluewater properties nestled in the quiet San Diego Grantville neighborhood.

Affirmed Housing Stella Bluewater 5867 Edit

Affirmed Housing is a leader in the field of affordable housing, creating and providing well-designed, sustainable housing for people experiencing homelessness, low-income residents, veterans, and those with special needs. We are honored to support their heartwarming mission as furniture providers for these incredible spaces all throughout California.

The "Stella" complex includes 80 furnished studio apartments, each with a new bed, nightstand, and dining table with two chairs. This project also includes 7 private offices, 3 lobbies, a reception area, a community room, and a second-floor patio. The customer was looking to create a space that had a "moody, cigar-bar" type of atmosphere with lots of lighter woodgrain finishes with dark accent colors.

The "Bluewater" complex includes 80 unfurnished studio apartments, 2 private offices, a conference room, a computer room, and a second-floor outdoor space. The client was looking to create a "clean and airy" feel and wanted an outdoor area with a wood-slatted wall. Our DIV13 Team provided the perfect solution, DIRTT Timber Construction.

Affirmed Housing Stella Bluewater 5664 Edit
Bluewater lobby featuring DIRTT Timber Frame, provided by DIV13

G|M's Brittany Dambrose is the Account Executive for Affirmed Housing and has been working on their projects for years. "When the customer came to me with an image of what she had in mind for the Bluewater lobby, I panicked." said Dambrose. "I didn't know what to recommend. But, then I remembered that we recently became a DIRTT partner, and thought of DIRTT Timber Frame. It perfect fit for what the aesthetic the client was looking to achieve."

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