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Affirmed Housing Group - The Helm

G|M Business Interiors created a sophisticated and modern living environment for Affirmed Housing Group's "The Helm" apartments located in Downtown San Diego.

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G|M Business Interiors recently partnered with Carrier Johnson + CULTURE to create a modern and sophisticated environment for Affirmed Housing Group's latest San Diego housing development, The Helm.

The Helm, represents a modern and sophisticated approach to affordable housing, not only in its mission but also in its design and furnishings. The development, located in Downtown San Diego's Cortez Hill neighborhood, showcases a contemporary aesthetic emphasizing quality materials and finishes.

The seven-story GreenPoint-rated building houses 77 studio apartments, with a thoughtful design that incorporates brass, black marble, cognac, and olive green finishes throughout the living spaces. These elements add an element of luxury and sophistication to the interior design, creating an inviting atmosphere for residents.

The studios, ranging from 283 to 489 square feet, are both affordable and beautifully appointed. This attention to detail extends to the common areas and community spaces within The Helm. These spaces are carefully designed to foster resident interaction and engagement, with the same modern and sophisticated design elements carried through. The result is a visually stunning and comfortable environment for residents to call home.

The integration of high-quality materials and finishes reflects Affirmed Housing's commitment to creating not just affordable housing but also inclusive, attractive, and contemporary living spaces, The Helm is a testament to the idea that affordable housing can be both accessible and elegant, setting a new standard for housing developments in the region.

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