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Design Days + Neocon 2024

G|M Business Interiors, Director of Workplace Success, Josh Nordgren gives us his post Neocon 2024 run down.

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As the post Neocon glow settles down and we all return to our normal business routines, our team here at G|M wanted to take a moment to share our thoughts on the experiences and trends that were on display in the beautiful metropolis that is Chicago. It was a beautiful setting for viewing some amazing products along with the wonderful people who are a part of our industry. So without any more fanfare let’s get down to the details!

Trends in furniture for 2024

  • The hospitality trend: luxurious materials and everywhere soft and gentle curves. There was a definite re-emphasis on craftsmanship and bespoke details
  • Privacy Boothes and Collaborative Pods (Almost every manufacturer has their own take on this important tool in the office landscape, so gone are the days of having to choose between ultra luxury or entry level price point. Choice is empowering!
  • Agile furniture. Think mobile lounge chairs, chairs that stack plus nest and multipurpose storage/divider/planter walls

The hospitality trend continued as a theme with manufacturers across the board curating products with a residential look and feel. This year there was a definite emphasis on premium materials and brands embracing a return to craft, technical expertise and execution of bespoke details.


The 1973 Morrison Hannah chair re-introduced by Knoll was such a delight to the eye. With it’s rounded cushions and tufted buttons I instantly fell in love with this piece. It will be available in a plethora of modern colorways and just look at the graceful sweep of the arm rests as they support the back of the chair – gorgeous.

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If you’ve never had the experience of running your hands across a flawless slab of soft touch glass, then may I suggest you get to an Enwork showroom and check out their new VOU line of tables.

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Sit on It/Exemplis:

As a manufacturer that has traditionally focused on bringing value and durability to the market, the folks at Sit on It had some downright gorgeous seating on display.

Case in point, the Clova guest chair, refined curves and a perfectly tailored sit on a robust 4-leg wood base, this was a well-deserved Best of Neocon award winner.

Neo 2280 x 1640 px 2


Always known for their attention to detail and clean silhouettes, Nienkamper took it to the next level with their Vox Community table and Otto Divider Collection. I was especially drawn to the texture and craftsmanship of the double-sided incision wood panels of the Otto dividers.

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And there are few height adjustable work point solutions that can rival the clean and elegant application of the Vox community table- a Neocon Gold award winner.

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As the workplace has evolved into an ever more collaborative, and at times chaotic environment, the need for quiet and focus has become front and center. Just about every major manufacturer has introduced their own unique privacy pod/enclosure solution. This means it will be easier than ever before to find a solution that is ideally tailored to an organizations specific needs.

Herman Miller:

Coming this fall Herman Miller is introducing the Bay Work Pod. With it’s translucent ceiling and curved walls, these pods elegantly solve for the feeling of claustrophobia that sometimes plagues other single privacy booths. Herman Miller has always been at the forefront of inclusive design, so the Bay Work Pod installs directly on carpet and has a large door so that it is ADA compliant without any modifications.

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If your organization needs collaborative spaces that aren’t a distraction for the whole office, then Arcadia’s new Lineup Modular system is a perfect fit. The system of walls, wood slats and modular sectional seating can be combined to create semiprivate collaborative zones that are ideal for impromptu brainstorming sessions.

Lineup Occasional Tables 05


Adaptability and agility are key defining characteristics of the modern office space as we know it. And incorporating furniture that allows an individual to create a space that works for their own unique needs will build a culture of innovation, trust, and belonging. There were many products on display at Fulton Market and the Mart that exemplified this ideal.


The Pippin lounge chair is a lightweight mobile seat that is easy to move and big on comfort. It’s oversized grab handle makes it plain for anyone to see that this chair was designed to be moved! It is also a SEAL Sustainability award winner and was purpose built for a sustainable future. It has a zip on/zip off cover, so it is easy to clean this chair or give it a second life as it ages or gets damaged. It also utilizes a glueless inner body that makes disassembly for recycling at the end of it’s life a cinch.

Pippen Lounge


Nucraft took the standard storage/divider wall system and turned into an activity based mobile platform. The Flo Activity Wall can be configured with technology, trash and recycle bins, storage and display shelves and can even be specified with power for keeping laptops, tablets and phones charged. And because it’s available on casters, this unit can be freely moved through the workplace as privacy or technology needs change.

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Ramble is the new table line from OFS. It’s ability to quick gang together a series of tables or attach privacy screens as needed makes it a perfect choice for schools and STEM classrooms. As is always the case with OFS playful details about. From the oversized casters to the optional wood legs and organically shaped screens, this product will add delight and a bit of fun to any environment.

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As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, Chicago did not disappoint but more than that, the friends and colleagues we were able to connect with made this a truly special experience. In a show like Neocon and Design Days, the crowds can sometimes seem overwhelming and the amount of product on display is a spectacle all it’s own, but I would say that ultimately this is an industry built on relationships and the wonderful group of people we interact with in our local markets. So I want to take a moment to acknowledge how fortunate I am and to give a warm thanks to all of those who spent a little part of their week alongside me.

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Josh Nordgren, Director of Workplace Success and Danielle Isla, Director of IQ Studio