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Why It’s Not A Good Idea To Buy Used Office Chairs

If you’re thinking of getting second-hand office chairs, read this comprehensive guide to help you determine the pros and cons. To learn more, contact us!

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When it comes to office chairs, whether or not you should buy a used ergonomic chair is a complicated question. The chairs in your office give potential clients an impression, whether good or bad, but can also impact the productivity of your employees.

Most workers spend up to 40 hours every week in their office chairs. Therefore, the best ergonomic chair you can afford should be a high priority when you’re seeking to maximize productivity.

Although buying a used ergonomic chair sounds like a good idea because it's cheaper than a new one, it may not be the best decision in the long run.

You should be aware of the pitfalls associated with buying second hand office chairs with the aim of saving money, as it may not be the great investment you expected.

There are a number of questions you should ask yourself before you consider buying second hand office chairs. Let’s cover these to help you choose which office chair makes the most sense for your business.

What Are The Benefits Of Buying Previously Owned Office Chairs?

Lower Purchase Price

Most people consider used office chairs because they’re more affordable than new. However, you should always consider quality first when purchasing a secondhand item. Choose an office chair that you’re certain will last for years and return your investment in utility.

Often Better For The Environment

Buying secondhand chairs reduces the overall carbon footprint of your office-chair purchase, because no additional resources are needed to manufacture the chair you’re buying, along with the chair staying out of the landfill.

Opens Budget Space For Custom Modifications

Buying a secondhand chair frees your budget for customizations like adding features or enhancing the look for your own personal style. Reupholstering or adding better padding are common customizations.

Cons Of Buying Used Office Chairs

Lack Of A Warranty

The majority of second hand office chairs are sold “as is,” and most warranties are only valid for the original purchaser and do not transfer to a new owner.

A warranty protects your investment and ensures that you have a properly functioning chair for years to come. That said, if you only need a chair for occasional use in your garage at home, then a second hand office chair may be a fine money-saving option.

However, if you’ll be spending eight or more hours a day in the chair, you should be extremely cautious of used office chairs if you want to keep them around for long.

Used Chairs Can Be More Costly To Own With Time

Often, a used ergonomic office chair at a low price will have numerous hidden problems that will result in a greater cost in the long run than a new chair. In most cases, the cheaper the chair, the more likely it will require costly repairs to keep it looking good enough to use in your office.

Doesn’t Pair Well With Current Furniture

When buying used chairs, choices are more limited, potentially leading to buying the wrong chair for the other furniture in the office. While a beautiful used mid-century chair may come at a low price, it won’t match modern furniture. Also, finding chairs that are uniformly sized is a challenge. A room filled with varying sizes of chairs looks disheveled and unappealing, and should be avoided.

Variable Quality When Buying Multiple Chairs

It’s rarely possible to find perfect-looking office chairs when buying used. Beyond trying to ensure safety, functionality, and comfort, an appealing appearance is important as well. If you’re buying multiple chairs, it can be tough finding ones that all match up in quality regarding function and appearance.

Lower Available Quantities

Limited quantities means other similar pieces are often not available, so if you want uniformity between all of your office chairs, it’s usually easier to buy new ones. Buying used reduces your freedom of choosing the brand, model, color, and quality. It’s usually a first come, first serve situation when buying used furniture.

Rebranded Parts May Have Been Installed

Rebranding parts is a common problem when it comes to purchasing used office furniture, and there’s a chance the used chairs you’re eyeing could have them installed. For the most part, the used office furniture marketplace is full of trustworthy office furniture dealers. However, there are unscrupulous dealers who unethically rebrand low-quality used office chairs and offer super-low pricing.

Opt For A Second-hand Or New Ergonomic Chair?

When deciding whether to buy a new or a used office chair, there are several factors to consider. Will clients or customers be visiting your office? If so, a new and appealing chair presents a higher-quality image to them.

Also, consider the age of the people using the office chairs the most. Younger teams will be far more impressed by new, modern, and well-designed chairs than older chairs that present a stuffy and antiquated image.

Office chairs can be off-putting to many employees, potentially hindering business growth from lower motivation and productivity.

Consider The Long Term Costs

Although new ergonomic office chairs may seem expensive at first, buying used may not be worth taking on their associated risks. With used office chairs, there will come a time when their lack of quality becomes painfully clear.

Weighing this reality with the several drawbacks, like lack of a warranty, rebranded parts, and irregular quality between chairs, will help you determine whether or not buying used makes sense for your long-term goals.

It’s wise to prioritize long term value over short term cost and go for newer, more ergonomically-correct office chairs that will serve you and your team more comfortably and for more time.

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