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  • G|M Panel Discussion: The Impact of Real Estate on Workplace Culture

G|M Panel Discussion: The Impact of Real Estate on Workplace Culture

Join us for an in-person panel discussion on Thursday, September 29 from 5 pm-7 pm at our Irvine Showroom, as we explore different perspectives from industry thought leaders amongst Orange County's top executives.

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The insight-filled panel discussion will be moderated by distinguished guest facilitator, Dr. Melissa Steach, PhD, Industrial-Organizational Psychologist, and MillerKnoll Well-Being Strategist. Dr. Steach and panelists will be discussing the following questions pertaining to real estate and its impact on workplace culture:

  • Is the home office the new private office?
  • Can the physical workplace mitigate feelings of disconnection and languishing among employees?
  • Well-programmed virtual work can provide a shared sense of purpose, but can it also create a sense of belonging comparable to sharing space?
  • Is culture a result of a workplace’s design or the physical proximity it facilitates?
  • The physical office is the most effective way to connect people to their organization’s ethos.
  • Can real estate facilitate a more authentic way of life by blending work and home?
  • Can we use real estate to reimagine who joins us at work? And if so, who is an appropriate guest and how do we host them?
  • Generate culture from without, not just within the four walls of your organization.
  • Future-proof buildings by constructing for flexibility. (i.e., Should every new build be designed for mix-use?)
  • If the physical office (as the final destination) isn’t as important as the journey, what do people want to experience on their way to work?

There will be appetizers, refreshments, and good conversation for all to enjoy. RSVP below to join us!


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