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Our Top 20 Favorite Collaborative Meeting Tables of 2022

Coming together in the workplace to socialize and collaborate will become the greatest purpose that the new office can fulfill. Having a variety of collaborative meeting tables and areas can help to fulfill these needs.

HAY Copenhague 2

After months working apart due to the global pandemic, today's employees are looking to come into the office to collaborate and socialize in ways that aren’t possible remotely. Having a diverse range of meeting spaces that support these needs will become the foundation for high-performing office environments.

1. Herman Miller Headway Tables

Set things in motion with Headway: conference tables designed for seamless technology so teammates can connect, collaborate, and move ideas forward. From brainstorm to board room, Headway’s sleek looks and tech prowess make it an essential part of every meeting.

Headway 2

2. Geiger Axon Tables

As communications technology continues to advance, for the most part the conference table has been left behind. Axon Tables address this issue with embedded technology that makes data, voice, and videoconferencing connections easy to access through the center of the table and distributes power to convenient locations along the table’s edge. The family of tables includes rectangular or round tabletops, available in a range of sizes, materials, and base options.

Geiger Axon 1

3. Datesweiser Highline Vector

For the most elevated meeting spaces, Highline Vector tables offer sophisticated solutions that make an impact while inspiring connections. Anchored in exceptional craftwork, the tables feature handpicked, mixed materials—wood, metal, stone, leather, glass—and a variety of top and edge options to match your vision. The v-base creates a light, open design aesthetic whilst maintaining robust wire management capacity. For versatile teamwork, power sources are distributed to convenient spots around the table—enabling seamless video and voice conferencing, data access, and device charging. Enriching client-facing conference rooms or intimate meeting spaces with luxurious yet warm beauty, Vector tables are where collaborations, creativity, and big thinking happens.

Dates Weiser Highline Vector 2

4. HAY Copenhague

The Bouroullec brothers originally created their Copenhague Table for the University of Copenhagen, but its design offers enough practicality, comfort, and warmth for a range of settings. A beveled edge and angled wood legs ensure there’s room for everyone to gather throughout the day. Available in a choice of finish options.

HAY Copenhague 2

5. National Mio

Mio collaborative tables are versatile and highly functional. With single-sided and double-sided units, and a variety of worksurface shapes, sizes, and materials, Mio embraces the evolving work culture. Available at desk height or bar height, Mio adapts to any style and any application.

National Mio 1

6. naughtone Tun

The naughtone Tun Coffee Table works as a solo centerpiece or in concert with the Tun Side Tables. The strong silhouette provides a blank canvas for a wide range of colors, with 14 tabletop options, 16 hues for the steel base, and an array of textiles to customize the upholstered base.

Naughtone Tun Tables

7. Knoll Rockwell

Unscripted Sawhorse tables are a workhorse for tasks or teams, bringing a constructive spirit to shared workspaces. The solid wood legs connect to the work surface with a steel bracket that adds strength and style to this versatile table.

Knoll Rockwell 4

8. OFS Intermix

For informal interaction spaces, Intermix is the flexible, multi-purpose, tech-savvy conference offering that delivers opportunities for group engaging, idea-generating moments. Take cues from everyday life to create an environment that provides social connectivity, removes boundaries and speaks to the new way we work.

OFS Intermix 1

9. Herman Miller Eames Table

Graceful and versatile, Eames Tables offer a choice of sizes, top shapes and materials, bases, and power options. However they’re configured and wherever they’re used, they bear the signature Eames mark of beauty and utility in design.

Eames 3

10. Bernhardt Anza

The Anza conference table features a bent plywood base with adjustable levelers. The base is available in oak and walnut veneer and features (4) 30 lbs. counterweights. Anza tops are specifically constructed to accommodate the Anza table base. Round tops sizes from 42″” to 72″” and arched square tops from 42″” to 60″”. The Anza table is designed to accommodate the 8″” double door, corded MediatracTM grommet, and Triad surface-mount power module.

Bernhardt Table

11. Arcadia Delen

Wood and metal elements combine to create eye-catching details that set Delen apart from the rest. It's casual setting naturally evokes sharing, collaborating, and engaging, while a variety of heights and sizes ensures meetings of all styles can be enjoyed en masse, and with untold purpose.

Arcadia Delen 2

12. Tuohy Duende

Duende is a series of tables designed for conference use and informal meetings. It includes two versions, the seated and the standing, conceived to let people work in a more informal way. Duende's design emanates from a set of iconic press-curved aluminum bases which support a range of self-structural tops of different dimensions, accommodating many configurations and providing ample workspace.

Tyohy Duende

13. Enwork Equilibrium

Equilibrium establishes an incredible span of aesthetic possibilities. With a neutral finish, the base disappears, putting the focus on the floating top. Choose centered or offset cantilevers to add drama, while different finishes for the base and cantilevers create a more expressive, two-tone aesthetic. Additionally, the optional exposed truss aesthetic creates a structural statement, complementing current architectural forms.

Enwork Equilibrium 2

14. Krug Nuvo

An innovative new design that makes tables fast and easy to assemble, and re-configure. Stunningly beautiful (yet durable) materials: gloss-finished aluminum, the highest grade quarter cut and rift-cut veneers, as well as solid surface, laminates, and glass. Artfully-designed connectivity and cable management, so that meetings mesh seamlessly with conferencing technology. Nuvo is, well . . . new, in ways that make it an advancement in the evolution of collaborative space.

Krug Nuvo

15. OFS Beck

Drawing upon a heritage of wood craftsmanship and details inspired by family heirlooms, the Beck collection of credenzas and tables convenes the warmth and modern subtleties the eras before us enjoyed so much. Simple cut-out pulls, sliding doors, intricate leg joinery, and rich finishes on ash and walnut veneer fulfill the feeling of homefulness to our away from home lives.

OFS Beck

16. National Tarver

Tarver unifies bold design, industrial beauty, and the natural characteristics of wood and steel. Featuring a rustic design with exposed metal fasteners, Tarver applauds the timeless blend of craftsmanship and geometric angles, and celebrates the beauty of artisanal veneer and rugged steel.

National Tarver

17. Hightower Nest System Table

Nest System Tables create a workspace community that is highly functional and adaptable, encouraging users to engage more, supporting an environment for increased productivity.

Hightower Nest System Table Hi Res Images 02

18. Davis Ekko

Sculptural bases are the signature element of Ekko. Starting with the most minimal of Ekko’s bases, the inverted “V” shape is sleek and unapologetically simple. The intersecting “V” adds dimension, growing into the precise tilt and delicate placement of the Tri and Quad bases. The Ekko collection explores exciting surface materials with a wide range of options including veneer options, 3Form Chroma, solid wood, and marble. All surface materials and shapes feature a sophisticated knife edge.

Davis Ekko 2

19. Deskmakers Malibu

Malibu Meeting Tables are available in a wide mix of material and finish options to suit every aesthetic. Offered in rectangular and square shapes with non-radiused edgebanded vertical edges, Malibu takes center stage in any space.

Deskmakers Malibu 1

20. Herman Miller Everywhere Table

Everywhere Tables possess fine lines and a refined aesthetic that complement any space. From conference tables for formal meeting rooms to coffee tables or standing-height occasional tables for more informal settings, Everywhere offers boundless flexibility, enabling any activity that requires an inviting work surface—big or small.

Everywhere 2

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