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Third Spaces: Workplace Design That Draws Employees In

What is a "third space"? Does your office have one?

February 7, 2020
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Today’s unprecedented talent shortage is compelling businesses and other organizations to get serious about employee attraction and retention. The current war for talent is amplified by a strong economy and a growing number of Baby Boomers nearing retirement age. Within this highly competitive landscape, the workplace can be a strategic asset that distinguishes an organization as an exceptional employer. For many employees, the physical work environment ranks among one of the top factors that influence their decisions to join a specific company.

As workplaces look to attract and retain the best and brightest, companies are turning to design to help differentiate their work environment, focusing on an increased understanding of the demographics and values of employees to home in on the most valued amenities. These amenities can range from on-site food and entertainment options, to pet daycare, to free parking; yet, amid all these amenities is one key factor that remains at the forefront of much of today’s workplace design: a need for human connection. Though younger employees represent a generation that grew up with social media and are adept at collaborating virtually, there’s still a strong desire to build face-to-face relationships and cultivate in-person connections. In short, people need people, even if they don’t think so.

Third Spaces: Workplace Design The Draws Employees In

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