How A Healthy Workspace Can Transform Your Office Culture

How A Healthy Workspace Can Transform Your Office Culture

Posted on: Feb 20, 2020

How "healthy" is your office workplace?

The physical space we work in every day has a significant impact on our physical and mental wellbeing. Companies that have invested in redesigning their offices to maximize health benefits have seen a huge impact on their employees, from improvements in individuals’ moods and productivity, to increased collaboration and a sense of belonging.

With these benefits, investing in the physical space is gaining traction globally. While some office spaces may inherently fair better than others – for example, a space with many windows – one can use healthy design metrics to make the best out of any given layout.

To understand in more detail how architects design to improve employee wellness, let’s look at what makes or breaks a workspace and what elements create an ideal space for employee creativity and energy. We can then examine how creative solutions can transform a workplace and revolutionize office culture.