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Can Office Design Improve Employee Experience?

Did you know that people crave connection with colleagues, access to managers, and rooms with tech capabilities? Will these improve employees' experiences?

January 8, 2020
News Can Office Design Improve Employee Experience

Over the past few years, TDC Companies, an Ohio-based financial services firm, expanded its client base on a national scale. With growth came the need to hire and build a larger office. In the new space, long-time CEO Cleves Delp wanted to improve the employee experience so they would be equipped to provide excellent service to clients. And that meant people would need spaces and technology to help them make client meetings feel personal and engaging—even when they’re conducted remotely.

In TDC’s old office, employees struggled with a scarcity of conference rooms. The ones that were available weren’t equipped for easy video conferencing with remote clients. What’s more, the team worked out of a packed warren of workstations and private offices. Managers were accustomed to holing up behind closed doors, locking away sensitive documents and, with them, any potential for the organic exchange of ideas that happens when people work alongside one another.

Can Office Design Improve Employee Experience?

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