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Behind the Scenes with Tony Marzullo

Meet Tony Marzullo, a Senior Project Manager who works out of our Riverside location and has been with G|M for more than 25 years.

Tony Marzullo

1. Tell us a little bit about your experience with G|M.

I first started with G|M in 1992, I was hired for a temporary job for the County of San Bernardino. I was only going to work here for one month. They had a big project and needed a lot of help, and they were looking for people who had a background in construction, which I have. Then a month turned into several months which turned into several years and here I am today, almost 30 years later, as a Senior Project Manager.

2. What are some of your responsibilities? What does a typical day look like for you?

There is no typical day. Every day is a new adventure (laughing). I would say logistics is probably one of the biggest aspects of my job. We have a set number of projects we manage and for each project, we have to keep tabs on shipping dates, installation dates, working with the trucking companies, ensuring the site is ready for us, scheduling, etc. Of course, delays happen for a variety of different reasons, so we always have to be on our toes, ready for anything that comes our way. Lots of planning and keeping track of project timelines.

3. How would you summarize your role in 10 words or less?

Easing the transition from construction to furniture.

3. What were you doing prior to G|M?

I came out here from New Jersey, that's where I'm from. I have a background in construction and electrical work. I actually have my Residential Electrician License, I always keep it updated. It has been very helpful in my role here and a lot of people lean on me for electrical questions.

4. What is an aspect of your role that you really enjoy?

There are several things I enjoy about my role. For one, I like the flexibility. Having been here for more than 20 years, they put a lot of trust in me and know that I know what I'm doing. I don't have anyone breathing down my neck. Working with my coworkers is something else I really enjoy. We have a great synergy; this kind of flow. We've worked together for a while that we trust each other and have this way of knowing each others next moves, its pretty cool. And lastly, I would say working with my hands is something I really enjoy. I'm not someone who is meant to work in an office, I like to be out on the field, building and fixing things, it's what I'm good at.

5. Where do you hope your career takes you next?

Nowhere, I'm happy. I hope I retire here in this role. I love it.

6. Is there a project that you've worked on that stands out to you?

Yes, actually. One that immediately comes to mind is the new facility for the Loma Linda VA. It was 3 floors and 4 wings, HUGE medical facility. We included things for the vets like a huge physical therapy area, walking bridges. There were some cool furniture pieces and textures used too. I think it stands out to me because it was for our vets, its being used by them and they deserve a great facility like that.

7. You've been with G|M for a long time. What keeps you motivated?

My family. Especially my grandkids, they are my life. I'm 100% Italian and have a very big family and they mean everything to me. Both my brother Paul Marzullo and sister Theresa Cummins work here too, actually. Matter of fact, Theresa's husband and Paul's son both used to work here too.

8. How many siblings do you have total?

There are 10 of us total - I have 5 brothers and 4 sisters. And I've got 7 grandkids - six boys and one girl.

9. Wow! That's a big family.

Yeah, and that's not even the half of us. There's more than 100 of us. Every Christmas 50-80 of us get together. It's absolute chaos in the best way.

10. Seems like you like Christmas.

Like? I LIVE for Christmas. I've got a 20 foot Christmas tree and I'm ready to put it up now. For me, Halloween is just a speedbump to Christmas. Once September rolls around, I start thinking about the holidays already. Every year, the day after Christmas, we do a big breakfast with all of us and it's like we didn't see each other the day before. Talking, great food, and laughter, its the best. We've been doing this for 30+ years and I look forward to it every year.

11. That sounds awesome (laughing), I love Christmas too. Can't wait! I wanted to revisit something we talked about earlier. You mentioned you are from New Jersey. What brought you all the way out here?

I moved out here with my siblings at a fairly young age to care for my father. I had family out here already and once he started having health issues, we decided it would be best to come out here.

12. Is there anything you miss from out there?

Just my family and the food. They have the best food out there. The pizza and the sabrett hot dogs. No pizza or hot dogs compares to what we got out there.

13. Would you say that is your favorite food?

Anything Italian that my family cooks is my favorite food. Our meals can take hours to make to get the flavors right. Nothing else compares.

14. Gosh, I'm hungry now! (laughing) Are you a good cook?

I make a mean batch of sausage and peppers. And chicken soup. It's so good, it will make babies see.

15. Sounds good! How would you describe yourself in one word?

Comical. I'm always cracking jokes and I like to laugh. Life's too short to take seriously, enjoy it.

16. Do you have a favorite piece of Herman Miller furniture?

It might be a weird one, but I'd have to say the Ergon. They don't make it anymore and I'm bummed about it. That was the most comfortable chair in the world. They've got a lot of padding, just so comfortable; I'd buy one tomorrow if they brought them back.

17. Ok, last question. What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Going to the river with my family and being on my boat. The Colorado River is my second home, I love it.

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