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  • Workplace Of The Future: Designing To Recruit Top Talent

Workplace Of The Future: Designing To Recruit Top Talent

Does the design of your office help to recruit employees?

News Designing To Recruit Top Talent

The current unemployment rate is at 3.6 percent, a record low since December 1969. With an abundance of opportunities available across the job market, a shift has occurred, placing job candidates in the power position of selecting their employer. To attract top talent, company purpose and culture remain key drivers in the job market, but must be articulated in the physical space as well.

Candidates are becoming increasingly savvy to the design elements and their benefits, or drawbacks, with the physical workspace. If a company’s mission statement includes wellness commitments but does not allow for natural light in the workplace, job candidates will take note. With this in mind, companies are urged to move beyond cultures centered around cold brew on tap, and instead design spaces and provide resources that are representative of the diverse job functions that reside and thrive in a given workplace. If a prospective job candidate asked your current employee about their work environment, would they respond positively? Creating a workplace that fosters innovation and creates a healthy environment for employees is crucial for attracting the best in the business.

Workplace Of The Future: Designing To Recruit Top Talent

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