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  • People-Sided Factors Of Success In A Workplace Transformation

People-Sided Factors Of Success In A Workplace Transformation

Do the people in your office embrace change?

News People Side Factors of Success in a Workplace Transformation

Organizational changes can take different shapes such as technological changes, new operational and production processes, human resources methodologies for employee reviews and remuneration, and even the integration of multiple businesses in the form of acquisitions mergers or downsizing. Nonetheless, workplace transformation and change, amongst all, could be the biggest challenge that any organization can go through.

Changing the workplace goes beyond changing the tools we use at work. It usually is a complete environment metamorphosis, which could also come along with rapid expansions or contractions of the company, changes in the business model, shifts in geographical location that affect personal routines (due to the changes in commuting patterns), changes in the ways of working (i.e. switching to unassigned seating), and the perceived loss of personal spaces such as private cabins and personal desks.

People-Side Factors Of Success In A Workplace Transformation

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