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Let's Talk About "Wow Factor" In Workplace Design

Does your office have the "wow factor"?

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I can’t count how many times I have sat in front of a group of executives at the beginning of a project and heard the term “Wow Factor”. It usually comes out around the same time as that other ever-so-familiar term – “attraction and retention”.

Here’s how it typically plays out:

“We’re a very successful company with a great culture, but we need to change the way we work and our office design to attract the best new talent out there, while securing the great talent and culture we already have. So we need some real Wow Factor in this new design to attract and keep those people!”

The next thing that usually follows is an ask to share all of the latest trends we’ve seen in the market, and what other companies have done for Wow Factor. The premise being that there must be some collection of magical trophy pieces a company can invest in to demonstrate commitment to culture.

Let's Talk About "Wow Factor" In Workplace Design

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