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The Effects of Feng Shui on Workplace Design

Does your workplace have the right balance of energy? Here are some tips on how office feng shui can promote health and well-being.

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At Work Design Magazine we are always up for finding out new ways to approach workplace design. At a brief meet up after this year’s NeoCon with Dr. Sally Augustin, we talked about working up a story that was a bit different and that posed alternate ways of evaluating the efficacy of design solutions for today’s offices. One of the things we asked Sally was how scientific applications could also be applied to perhaps analyze the softer side of the effect environment has on people – how space makes us feel in addition to the measurable physiological effects that can be documented in more scientific studies. She wrote an article for us about this topic back in September. Sally also proposed a joint analysis of some workplace designs with her friend and, a colleague who is a feng shui master, Maureen Calamia. Sally mentioned that she and Maureen regularly value the same attributes in designed spaces. We were intrigued by the prospect, and after soliciting some images to use as examples from some of our favorite design firms, we are happy to present the findings.

Effects of Feng Shui on Workplace Design

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