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Sustainability Snapshot

How Herman Miller is helping design a greener world

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There aren’t many problems bigger, more complex, or more important than taking care of our environment. At Herman Miller, we’ve been thinking hard about how to do business as sustainably as possible since our founder, D.J. De Pree, challenged us 60 years ago to be good citizens and good stewards of the environment. And we’ve kept at it, chipping away year after year, always using the same problem-solving approach that we use when designing products. As D.J. famously said, “In the long run, businesses and business leaders will be judged not by their profits or their products, but by their impact on humanity.” At Herman Miller, we see our impact on the environment as a huge part of our impact on humanity. When we put together our Better World Report for 2017, we had a chance to take stock of how we’re progressing toward our goals, and what we’ve done lately to solve our biggest problems more sustainably. Here’s a look at how we’re doing.

Sustainability Snapshot

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