Measure What Matters

As organizations seek to maximize employee engagement and minimize operating costs, forward-thinking architects, designers, and corporate real estate professionals are less concerned with metrics that focus on cost per square foot and square feet per person. Instead, they are looking for insight into the people who comprise the organization and how the workplace can be used as a strategic tool to support employees.

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We at Herman Miller believe that workplace metrics should be given the same attention as revenue, profits, and loss. With all the changes to how, where, and why we work today, traditional benchmarks for assessing workplace effectiveness no longer apply, but these new insights help provide an updated framework for measuring success.

To better understand how changes in the nature of work have altered the office landscape, and to provide meaningful data about effective space allocation at the leading edge of workplace design, we are conducting ongoing research and analysis of office landscape plans gathered from progressive workplaces around the world.

These early findings offer insight into six emerging patterns that business leaders and their design partners can use to create, measure, and manage their own high-performing work environments.

Measure What Matters

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