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Driving Employee Purpose By Design

Five ways a high-achieving workplace design can unlock collective sense of purpose

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As human beings, we are hard-wired to crave meaning. Without a sense of purpose, we become vulnerable to boredom, anxiety, and even depression—which, at work, can diminish our enthusiasm and soften our focus. With a clear sense of purpose, however, we can realize our true potential as dedicated as colleagues and peers. We can adopt organizational culture and goals as our own, feeding shared success with new ideas and more productive time spent.

My fellow workplace leaders know that these are not just touchy-feely ideals; they are practical, achievable aspirations, when you deliver a workplace designed to support a sense of purpose. Neil Usher in his latest book “The Elementary Workplace”, brilliantly brings it to life and argues for an end to complexity incredibly well articulated around a series of 12 “Elements” for creating a fantastic workplace for everyone. Getting back to the basics is essential when we design working environments for people.

Employee Purpose By Design

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