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A recap of the 2018 Workplace Week New York event.

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The concept of the “employee experience” has dominated the workplace design and management agenda over the last year or so. In June, Workplace Week New York (WWNY), a philanthropic event that raised thousands of dollars for the “I Have A Dream” Foundation in New York, questioned the art and the science behind the discourse in order to guide design teams moving forward to create work environments that benefit their inhabitants and facilitate their happiness and well-being alongside productivity.

There are few organizations, if any, that would claim to have reached peak efficiency with their office environments. In fact, this would be a troubling claim in the data age where tech is infiltrating almost every aspect of life. Thanks in part to the plethora of smart-enabled gadgets that are fast becoming commonplace in corporate real estate, there’s now serious momentum behind viewing the workplace as a vehicle for business transformation, as the creator of Advanced Workplace Associates’ (AWA) Workplace Week Andrew Mawson suggests.

Design That Never Sleeps

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