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Coworking Megatrend Predictions For 2019

Last year’s predictions focused on demand, the WeWork effect, scarcity of resources, and health. All of these are still impacting the coworking world.

December 7, 2018
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Demand-wise, we called out consolidation of coworking and the rise of retail, coliving, hotels, malls and real estate. All of these are still happening and on-the-rise. Demand will continue to flourish with corporates sending workers into coworking spaces in record numbers.

Scarcity of resources continues to be a trend and we have yet to see a real staffing/recruitment play in the U.S., though we’ve seen some good solutions in London. Workspace giant WeWork is single-handedly taking down a great deal of design talent to meet their growing needs.

Workspace health is more wellness focused now. This is a huge trend that will continue for quite some time as we move toward our workspaces making us healthier.

Coworking Megatrend Predictions For 2019

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