Why the Knoll Womb Chair Is One of the Most Iconic Chairs of all Office Furniture Essentials

GMBI Office Furniture Irvine Why the Knoll Womb Chair Is One of the Most Iconic Chairs of the Century. Almost 75 years after its conception, Eero Saarinen's Womb Chair remains one of Knoll's most iconic furniture creations.

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Why the Knoll Womb Chair Is One of the Most Iconic Chairs of the Century

Made by MillerKnoll, a company founded in 1938, the Womb Chair is world-renowned as one of the most groundbreaking pieces of furniture ever produced. This lounge chair delivers comfort and support in numerous seating positions.

The chair was originally designed by Eero Saarinen for Knoll furniture, a designer known around the globe. Florence Knoll had requested “a chair that was like a basket full of pillows …something I could really curl up in."

Always up for a good design challenge, the Finnish designer set out to create a seat structure that provided this comfortable experience, but through the clever use of shell shaping rather than relying on deep cushioning. When Saarinen came up with the design idea for this iconic lounge chair, Florence Knoll was amazed by the end result.

To meet this challenge, Saarinen decided to utilize the flexibility of fiberglass to create a shell that featured a curvy shape that could support a wide variety of seating positions. The result was a chair that offers a feeling of complete envelopment in comfort, providing both a cozy and visually enjoyable chair to relax in.

What Makes the Womb Chair Design So Iconic?

Undoubtedly, the Womb Chair by MillerKnoll provides the precise experience Florence Knoll had been dreaming about. Today, more than 70 years later, people still love the Womb chair for what an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable experience it provides, no matter if you're at the office or at home.

The history of the Womb Chair dates all the way back to 1948. The chair is now known for being a timeless piece of furniture that's highly desirable. This is because the Womb Chair brings a quintessential mid-century modern design to any space while still providing exceptional comfort and seating versatility.

Versatile Comfort

Numerous design features make the Womb Chair a stand-out choice for upscale lounge seating. For starters, this chair is remarkably comfortable despite the lack of thick foam cushions. Instead, the chair's soft organic shape closely forms to the body to provide support all over. The chair's armrests comfortably support the arms of folks that are nearly any height. You can even order the Womb Chair in a child's size!

World-Renowned Designer

Eero Saarinen was an architect and industrial designer who became well-known for his ability to infuse organic shapes into his furniture and building designs.

Just a few examples of his work include St. Louis Arch, Washington Dulles International Airport, and the TWA Flight Center. Saarinen grew up with a father who was an architect and Academy of Art director, along with a mother who was a textile artist.

There's no doubt that young Eero was raised to have unique perspectives on art and design, no matter the object being created.

At the Cranbrook Academy that Saarinen's father was an art director at, he met Florence Schust, who later recruited him to Knoll, where he eventually designed some of the company’s most iconic products, like the Womb Chair.

Fits In Any Upscale Space

The beautiful curves of the Womb Chair make it a popular choice for lounge spaces, break areas, and reception spaces. Over the decades, this chair has become one of the most widely acclaimed chairs for upscale business environments that aim to offer comfortable seating for guests and team members.

When you want a stylish yet incredibly comfortable chair for your office space, the Womb Chair has been a leading choice for over 70 years.

Striking Selection of Design Options

Aside from the Womb Chair being incredibly comfortable and supportive, it's also exceptional at adapting to whatever environment it needs to. Here are some of the ways MillerKnoll makes this possible with the Womb Chair.

Numerous Sizes for Maximum Comfort

The Womb Chair comes in multiple size options, making it simple to adapt to the needs of the primary users. Whether you're seeking Child Size, Medium, or Standard, the Womb Chair is possible. The chair also comes in a Settee size that can comfortably seat two people. You can even order matching ottomans that are available in two different sizes. MillerKnoll makes it simple to curate a Womb furniture ensemble that works with the scale of your space.

Various Upholstery Colors and Leg Finish Options

Another reason the Womb Chair is so iconic is that you can order it in a wide array of upholstery and leg finishes. This makes it possible to design a lounge chair that perfectly complements your entire décor.

The Womb Chair's tubular steel legs can also be ordered with black paint, polished chrome, or polished 18k gold finishes to provide the perfect foundation for the overall look of the chair.

Next, you can choose from a wide array of upholstery options. The Womb Chair can be designed with numerous leather or fabric types. These materials can be narrowed by choosing from 12 different fabrics and four different leather types to achieve the exact feel you desire.

After you've chosen the perfect material, you can select from dozens of colors to nail the perfect aesthetic. You can choose from bright colors, such as orange or lime green, while still having options to select from numerous muted tones, such as granite or tan.

You can choose many types of unique combinations, such as Moss Green in Knoll Velvet and Volo Leather in a dark red Garnet. Whatever you can dream up, Knoll can make it a reality!

Design The Ideal Womb Chair For Your Space with G|M Business Interiors

The team at G|M is here to help when you want a Womb Chair that's truly unique for your lounge area. As a Certified MillerKnoll dealer, we can provide you with total access to any piece of furniture you desire from MillerKnoll.

Whether you're seeking lounge chairs to elevate your business interior or living room, few other chairs provide the level of style the Womb Chair brings. To design yours, schedule a design consultation today at one of our showrooms in Irvine, Riverside, or San Diego.